LiuGong grand electric dream comes to Europe

LiuGong says it is leading a revolution in BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) R&D and plans to launch over 40 BEV models by 2027, including new BEV excavators, wheeled loaders, telehandlers and access equipment.
April 25, 2024
By Guy Woodford
LiuGong has four new BEV machines for European customers
LiuGong has four new BEV machines for European customers

The Chinese construction and quarrying machine major’s impressive BEV lineup has four new machines for the European market: two excavators, the 9027FE and 922FE, and a pair of wheeled loaders, the 820TE and the 856HE.

The compact 9027FE takes LiuGong’s popular short tail swing 9027F and changes the power pack to a 20kW LFP battery pack. It has the power and performance customers expect, enabling 3-4 hours of constant work and a rapid charging time of 90 minutes when using a fast charger. Based on a 48V system, it is easy and safe to service and maintain without needing special high-voltage training.

The other three new European models are high-voltage machines powered with battery systems from CATL, LiuGong’s strategic partner and an industry leader in its own right.

LiuGong’s first compact wheeled loader, the 820TE, has a large, spacious cabin, 40kph travel speeds, and a 70kWh battery that can be recharged in 80 minutes. At a maximum height of 2.5m and available with a fourth-line auxiliary spool, this machine is said to be ideal for industrial and agricultural work.

LiuGong’s global best-selling EV product, the 856HE, is a mid-class wheeled loader powered by a 423kWh battery pack. It is said to be able to work 10–12-hour shifts on a single charge and can be fully recharged in just 90 minutes. Driven by two independent motors, one for the driving transmission and one for the hydraulic loader arms and auxiliary, the 856HE is an immensely powerful machine offering full drive traction from as little as 2km/h.

LiuGong’s new 922FE medium-class excavator is powered by a 430kW battery and is said to be able to work a full 8 -10-hour shift. A high-performance machine, the 922FE’s motor delivers 140kW of power, which LiuGong says is around 24kW higher than a comparable diesel model and similar to a 26tonne-class machine.

LiuGong considers machine support paramount to its expanding European dealer network. Dealer representatives have either completed or are in the process of completing rigorous training to become ‘LiuGong BEV Certified’. Certification requires dealers to have mandatory spare parts and tooling before taking any machine into stock.

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