MB Crusher keeps coal costs down

In Indonesia, where more than 55% of electric power is generated from coal, MB Crusher’s MB-HDS323 shaft screener is said to be working to reduce all unnecessary coal quarry production costs, even during bad seasonal weather periods.
August 11, 2020

The unit’s operation is described as extremely smooth and simple: the padding bucket scoops up the damp coal, the rotating shafts reduce it down to smaller sizes while loading it to the truck—all in one step. The coal is then towed to the power plants, ready to be used.

Only one machine is used to load the truck and reduce the coal to a usable size; one excavator operator is needed, reducing labour costs. Middle loading and material moving and storing are eliminated with fewer phases meaning fewer costs. The entire operation is faster and safer, giving a boost to productivity.

The MB Crusher padding bucket is a hydraulic attachment for excavators, wheeled loaders or skid steers, transforming the machine it is mounted on in a high-performance mobile crusher or screener.

In one Indonesian quarry, the MB-HDS323 was working with damp coal, but the machine is designed to avoid blockage, even if the product is damp and sticky. The unit mouth opening is extensive, its work speed is said to enable the material to flow easily and the operator to reach high results, for a fraction of the operational costs.

By investing in an MB Crusher padding bucket, the Indonesian quarry is said to have been able to increase productivity, while reducing the overall coal price as they used the excavator they had at the quarry already.

With a loading capacity of 1.65m³, the MB-HDS323 is the widest of the range of MB Crusher shafts screeners, suitable for 18-35-tonne excavators and 10-15-tonne wheeled loaders.

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