The Metso Outotec NW Rapid™ – a portable crushing plant that puts sustainable profits first

All business owners want to maximize profits in a sustainable way. For aggregates producers, the key challenge is to minimize expenses and maximize production to the lowest possible cost per produced aggregate ton. But what are the challenges, and how can we solve them with NW Rapid? Article by Jarno Pohja – Product Manager, Portable Solutions, Metso Outotec.
June 1, 2022
By Jarno Pohja
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Challenge 1: Minimizing the cost and time used in transit

The closer the crushing and screening plant is to construction sites, the lower the transit cost. When the aggregates production lasts only a selected period of 1-2 years, such as with airport or dam projects, a crushing and screening plant that can be set up for crushing near the construction site saves both costs and time from transporting the rocks. Metso Outotec NW Rapid™ wheel-mounted crushers and screens are designed for easy set up and dismantling of the entire plant.

Compared to mobile units or stationary plants that stay put for decades, portable plants are semi-mobile. The key is in the fast set up of the entire crushing and screening plant. This is possible due to the pre-designed NW Rapid crushing stations, ready-made plant layouts and flowsheets, as well as the fact that the machines are specifically designed for a quick and efficient set up time.

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Challenge 2: Expanding the business and increasing capacity

As the production needs of aggregates producers vary, the equipment needs to be flexible for different projects. NW Rapid equipment is designed to be fed by an  excavator, wheel loader or dump trucks. All the machines can be used as a standalone or as part of a crushing station. The product range covers machines for concrete and road construction aggregates, ballast and sub-bases as well as recycling applications.

The versatility of the NW Rapid™ comes from its modular crushing stations, which can be applied in a variety of ways. The secondary crushing stations have the crusher and the screen on the same chassis, which make the entire plant footprint small and agile to transport. This opens new business opportunities for aggregate contractors and quarry operators, and offers more flexibility in mining applications.

Challenge 3: Ensuring constant production

Even the most reliable equipment needs maintenance and parts to keep the process going. Metso Outotec’s global experts service support - together with dedicated distributors - offer financing, maintenance, service, as well as spares and wear parts. Essentially, everything that is needed to keep the plant up and running - but without the runaway operating costs.

Challenge 4: Improving sustainability and safety

Jarno Pohja – Product Manager, Portable Solutions, Metso Outotec
Jarno Pohja – Product Manager, Portable Solutions, Metso Outotec

For more sustainable operations, electric machinery is a good choice, especially if a renewable power energy source can be utilized. NW Rapid plants are all electric, which makes the operation more sustainable. Electrically operated units are also easy to maintain, thus lowering operating costs even further.

We all have more important duties than crushing and screening – there's also safety to consider. The NW Rapid™ product range is designed to comply with EU health safety and environment standards. There are also added safety features of our own, such as dedicated lifting tools for wear part change and reliable platforms for safe access to maintenance locations.

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