New source of income with a smart asphalt recycling solution

In the past, asphalt was considered low-value material. That's because its two main ingredients, bitumen and aggregates, were difficult to recycle efficiently. With Metso Outotec's technology, even the most demanding recycling applications can now be handled in an efficient and sustainable manner.
April 1, 2022


Old asphalt recycling methods (by melting) require enormous energy, making recycling financially and environmentally inefficient. Additionally, the transportation logistics added to the costs since asphalt blocks are difficult to transport efficiently to the final recycling locations. Metso Outotec's compact crushing solution specially designed for asphalt recycling changes the scenario: bitumen and aggregates can be crushed and screened on the spot and immediately used as feed material to make new asphalt – even in an urban environment.

100% of asphalt can be recycled

Metso Outotec crushing plants and mobile screens can help contractors start recycling asphalt directly at the removal site. For instance, Lokotrack® LT1213S™ mobile impactor crusher with integrated screen can produce up to 300 tons of crushed asphalt per hour. The recycled material can be directly reused to produce new asphalt by the asphalt station.

A modern asphalt station can create a new asphalt mix with up to 70% of the recycled asphalt. Crushing and screening reclaimed asphalt also maximizes the amount of reusable material – even 100% of the crushed asphalt can be recycled.

In asphalt recycling projects where smaller capacity is needed, the Nordtrack™ I908S or I1011S mobile impactor crushers with screen modules are the best choices. Their compact size requires less space and they are easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces like construction sites.

3 reasons why recycling asphalt makes good business sense

Exceptional output – With Lokotrack mobile crushing plants, it is easy to crush up to 300 tons of calibrated high-quality asphalt per hour. This quickly adds up as a profitable new business stream, even for smaller contracts.

High-quality end products – Contractors gain the greatest value when recycled bitumen and aggregates can be used directly as feed material to make new asphalt. Using high-quality end products requires less processing and energy consumption than virgin natural materials.

Business-friendly and sustainable – Contractors can now join the movement to reduce the use of virgin material resources and their environmental impact by recycling asphalt as a sustainable business opportunity.

Towards the future with today's best

Asphalt recycling will continue to gain popularity as the advantages are becoming clear - it simply makes good business and environmental sense. Today's technological advances make the process much easier, faster and more cost-efficient than ever before. Metso Outotec's reliable machines ensure contractors a profitable revenue stream from asphalt recycling.

Learn more about Metso Outotec solutions for concrete waste and asphalt recycling here.

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