Removing risk from conveyor belt maintenance

R Brunone has developed the new Sparcric G maintenance solution for replacing conveyor belt rollers.
July 9, 2020
The Sparcric G solution is designed to make conveyor maintenance quicker and safer
The Sparcric G solution is designed to make conveyor maintenance quicker and safer

The French bulk handling solutions company says the device can be installed on any conveyor and enables replacement to be safely carried out by one operator rather than the two that are normally required.

The operator uses a hand pump to operate the tool lifting the conveyor belt. Once the Sparcric device has been fitted, both their hands are completely free, allowing the rollers to be replaced.

R Brunone says that operators often use tools that are not suitable for replacing conveyor rollers such as bars, forklifts or hoists. It adds that this increases the risk of injuries from a sliding bar or falling rollers.

The company claims that using the Sparcric G solution can reduce the average time spent on maintenance operations by 50% and is less physically onerous for operators.  It is now available worldwide.

It is available for four belt widths: 500-800mm, 1,000-1,200mm, 1,400-1,600mm and 1,800-2,000mm. It can be operated with a manual pump delivered with the solution, with an electrical pump as an option or with compressed air if available on the site.

“This patented innovation is the result of 25 years of experience and development of innovative solutions in the bulk handling industry in close collaboration with customers,” the company states. It adds that its goal is to improve safety and performance in bulk handling in quarries, mines and ports in addition to industries such as steel, paper mills and power plants.

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