RST takes holistic approach to dust suppression

Fine-particle specialist Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) is targeting maximum dust suppression with a holistic approach
October 11, 2021
An RST operative monitors dust from a truck on a haul road
An RST operative monitors dust from a truck on a haul road

The Australian company’s products feature innovative technologies to control dust and the movement of other fine particles, particularly in the mining, quarrying and civil construction industries.

RST specialises in customising products and services to suit various requirements for dust control, surface stabilisation and erosion mitigation. Material type, application equipment and processes, climatic conditions and water availability and quality are considered by RST when delivering the right solutions.

The company’s treatments for dust suppression penetrate, agglomerate and coat fine particles to prevent dust, while remaining flexible and film-forming for effective handling and ongoing dust suppression throughout the supply chain.

“Mined material moving through the stages of dig, dump, haul, ROM dumping, hopper bins loading, transfer points on conveyor belts, stackers, loaders and transport require a combination of targeted dust control solutions,” says RST operations and technical director David Handel.

“What happens at the beginning can affect the quality of the product and dust control all the way through the supply chain – miss or fail any step along that line, it will create a problem for the next steps.”

Handel added that moisture control is critical as the mined material needs to have a specific moisture content. Too much and the company could be penalised because the load is too heavy, too little and the product will become very dry and dusty.