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15 January 2018

Enrico Prandini is new CECE president

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CECE PR 15-01-2018 Prandini and Holz
Enrico Prandini (left) with Bernd Holz

Enrico Prandini, the new president of CECE (Committee for European Construction Equipment), has succeeded Bernd Holz.

The CECE presidency is a rotating post held for two consecutive years by each of the associations representing their member nations.

Enrico Prandini, previously CECE’s first vice president, is managing director of Komatsu Italia Manufacturing, one of the Komatsu’s global officers, and vice president of the Italian Construction Equipment Association, UNACEA.

During his 27-year career at the company he worked in several positions and developed Komatsu Italia operations into one of the European poles of the group. Today, Komatsu Italia Manufacturing in Este, Province of Padua, north-east Italy, designs, manufacture and distribute earth moving machines from 1-17tonnes.

He will push ahead with the long-term strategy of this predecessors, and one of his main goals for his presidency will be to build customer loyalty through a common vision. This was agreed on as one of the key success factors for the industry to be competitive and future-proof during the CECE Summit last year.

Technological change, skills shortage and challenges rising from digital construction need to be tackled also together along the value chain.

“In the coming years, we want to create more dialogue opportunities with value chain representatives in Brussels”, he says. CECE is starting this on February 22 at the European Industry Day 2018.

“Together with the construction industry we will be organising a digital construction seminar and invite all parties interested in the subject of digitization to attend”.

Cooperation along the value chain will also be the theme of this year’s CECE Congress, which will be held in Rome from 17-19 October.

Enrico Prandini believes that CECE should also focus on two other priorities during his presidency: continuing on CECE’s way to further foster visibility and political recognition for the construction equipment sector. This is especially important in view of the forthcoming European elections in spring 2019 and the nomination of the new European Commission.

“In this framework, we should seize the opportunity to gain more attention and impact”, he says.

He would also continue to have an eye on the European Single Market.

“We will keep on promoting the idea of fair competition and free trade for all market players in Europe. What we have to avoid is non-needed complexity in laws and regulations”.

As president he represents 1,200 construction equipment manufacturers in Europe, and they generate €40 billion in annual revenue and employ around 300,000 people overall.

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