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14 August 2018

IQ launches international fund to advance science of quarrying

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The recent annual meeting of IQ international presidents in New Zealand (pictured left to right): Steve Davis (MC), Alfred Chan (IQ Hong Kong), Lazarus Meko (IQ Southern Africa), Clayton Hill (IQ Australia), Peter Morgan (IQ New Zealand), Miles Watkins (IQ UK) and Ir Lee Kam Fatt (IQ Malaysia)
The international presidents of the Institute of Quarrying (IQ) have announced a fund to advance the industry on a global basis.

Clayton Hill, president of IQ Australia, says the International Presidents' Fund will support the IQ's core purpose of advancing the science and practice of quarrying internationally, in the interests of the public at large.

He added that the fund is specifically set up to support professional development opportunities and internationalisation of the quarrying industry.

The international presidents have been discussing the fund for the last two years. The initiative was announced at the recent annual meeting of international presidents in New Zealand.

“As a group we now have an agreed, collective vision to deliver this objective," Hill said. "We have formed a central fund comprising contributions from all Institute’s and International Branches."

IQ UK chief executive James Thorne, part of the international team organising the fund, said: “The quarrying and minerals extractives industry operates wherever reserves of minerals can be extracted economically. As an institute we need to continue to work towards a clear and consistent approach to support our members and the sector around the world."

He said the fund is the Institute’s first truly global collaboration, and is owned and financed equally by all regions.

Examples of criteria required to apply for the fund include the development of a new training course on a specific issue that will help improve practice either globally, regionally or in a specific country where it is recognised there is a need to improve standards.

Other examples of criteria include: the development of new materials and guidance to support individuals in developing or maintain their knowledge of key topics; research projects designed to identify and develop new understanding of key issues and support the industry evolve and develop (either at a global level or aimed at specific regional, in-country issues; projects to support the education and awareness of the general public to the value of the industry.

The international IQ presidents attending the recent meeting included host Peter Morgan, IQ New Zealand; Miles Watkins, IQ UK; Clayton Hill, IQ Australia; Ir Lee Kam Fatt, IQ Malaysia; Lazarus Meko, IQ Southern Africa; and Alfred Chan, IQ Hong Kong. They were joined by incoming IQ UK president Phil Redmond, managing director at Hanson Aggregates UK and IQ UK chief executive James Thorne.

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