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China plans important construction machinery show in Changsa for May 2019

First publishedin World Highways
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Attendees at the exhibition will be able to take a special bus service to visit the nearby construction machinery factories, such as the Sunward plant
An important construction machinery exhibition for the global equipment market is being planned for the Chinese city of Changsha in May 2019

Changsha is making plans to host a major Chinese construction equipment show. The city is a key location: it is the centre for much of China’s construction equipment manufacturing business.

Two of the country’s largest equipment firms, SANY and Zoomlion, are based in the city. Sunward, China’s premier manufacturer of piling machines is also based in Changsha (the firm makes a range of other machines also), as is China’s leading TBM manufacturer CRCHI. A number of other smaller construction equipment firms are located in Changsha too.

The exhibition will be held at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Centre from May 15th to May 18th 2019. The exhibition is being run with the theme of ‘intelligent new generation construction machinery’ and will cover an exhibition area of 213,000m2.

The 2019 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition is being organised jointly by the China Machinery Industry Federation, China Construction Machinery Society, the Changsha Municipal People’s Government and  Asia-Pacific CEO Association.

For the 2019 event, the Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition will provide a new stage for global construction machinery companies. The exhibition is focussing on China’s “Belt and Road” strategy.

With this show, the organisers aim to highlight the application and development of intelligent manufacturing and the use of the internet in the field of construction machinery, to promote technological innovation.

The exhibits will include construction machinery, mining equipment, aerial work platforms, tunnel engineering machines and municipal engineering machinery, as well as units for use in logistics equipment.

The exhibition space will include an indoor area of 108,000m2 as well as outdoor areas of 105,000m2. More than 1,200 exhibitors are expected to attend the event, coming from 30 countries and regions. Meanwhile, some 150,000 visitors from more than 100 countries and regions are expected to travel to Changsha for the exhibition.

The organisers are planning to run nearly 30 events during the exhibition period. This will include the world’s first simulation competition, which is being run in a bid to highlight machinery operation skills.

As well as the manufacturing conference, there will be other events and forums being held at the same time. These will include the Construction Machinery Industry Chain Conference, the Global Construction Equipment Industry Leaders Dialogue and a series of Construction Equipment Business Summits between countries along the “Belt and Road”.

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Large equipment such as TBMs for tunnel projects are manufactured in Changsha by CRCHI
The event will also incorporate the China Construction Machinery E-commerce Application Development Summit Forum, the 2019 Underground Engineering Equipment Technology and Industrial Development Xingjian International Forum and the Global Aerial Work Safety and Standards Summit.

Other forums will include the Changsha International Construction Equipment Chief Technology Officers Summit Forum (CTO Summit), the 2019 Asian International Used Construction Equipment Trading Conference, Changsha International Construction Equipment Olympics Skills Competition and the International Construction Equipment 2018-2019 Changsha Awards.

The exhibition will invite 150,000 attendees, professional visitors and buyers, with overseas exhibitors accounting for 20% of those at the event. Meanwhile, professional visitors from overseas will account for no less than 5% of the attendees.

The exhibition’s official website has been opened to provide services such as online registration for exhibitors and professional visitors. The website will also help to facilitate the organisation of meetings and appointments. To assist show visitors, the organising committee is running a special bus service from the exhibition to various factories in the area. The organisers say that this will allow visitors to tour the exhibition halls as well as construction machinery at the same time.

The show’s location in Changsha is logical as the city is an important node in the Yangtze River Economic Belt. It is one of China’s leading economic players and is also well connected to transport links. Two expressways, the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, connect the city to China’s highway network.

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The exhibition organisers have invited international guests to visit the new facility in Changsha
The city is also the meeting point for three high-speed railways -the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway, the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway and the Xiamen-Ningbo high-speed railway. An important factor is that Changsha can be reached from 70% of China’s cities in just three hours. Changsha Huanghua International Airport is in the top 10 airports for China’s domestic passenger traffic, with nearly 30 international routes covering five continents.

The Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center opened in 2016 and is now a leading venue in central China. The exhibition facility covers an area of about 324ha. It features eight single-storey pavilions, four one-way connecting halls and two inner galleries and two entrance plazas. For ease of transport, the facility is located adjacent to Huanghua International Airport, Changsha South Railway Station, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Changsha Maglev Express Line, Changsha Metro Line 2 and Line 4.

The manufacture of construction machinery represents an enormous contribution to China’s overall GDP, with firms in Changsha playing a leading role. In 2017, the total output value of scaled enterprises of construction machinery in Changsha was 159.1 billion yuan. It is estimated that the output value for 2018 will reach to 170 billion yuan.

Today, there are more than 30 large-scale construction machinery firms in Changsha, producing equipment in a range of categories. The product varieties account for some 70% of the types made in China, while the output value accounts for 23% of China’s total of construction machinery production. These products have been exported to more than 160 countries.

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Zoomlion's record-breaking concrete pump offers the longest reach of any on the market, using carbon fibre boom sections developed in partnership with Cifa in Italy
To promote innovation, development and cooperation of the construction machinery manufacturing sector, the Asia Pacific CEO Association Worldwide, (APCEO) is actively sponsoring and launching a new event called the Global High-End Manufacturing Summit (GHMS).

The GHMS is responding to major concerns for the international construction equipment industry and its theme is “High Quality Economy – Better Life”. The GHMS is being hosted by the Changsha Municipal Government and organised  jointly by  theChangsha Convention & Exhibition Management Office and Asia-Pacific Fortune (Beijing) Economic Consulting Center.

The first GHMS will be held in Changsha, China from May 14th to 17th, 2019, concurrently with the Fifth China (Changsha) International Construction Equipment Exhibition. The Summit will bring together leaders from the Fortune Global 500, Forbes Global 2000, global top 500 manufacturers, global top 100 industrial investors, global top 100 industrial innovators, global top 5000 investment companies, world-renowned experts, scholars, investors and financiers.

The Summit is paying special attention to sectors such as global equipment manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, construction machinery, rail transit, electronic information, artificial intelligence, new materials and new energy. It will also focus on topics such as industrial internet, artificial intelligence, new energy and materials and a new era of rail transit.

A highlight of the Summit is the unveiling of its high-end manufacturing cutting-edge technology/projects. Technology projects, like artificial intelligence and robots, smart homes, unmanned cars, and flexible hybrid electronics will be launched.

The GHMS will benefit from Changsha's manufacturing industry and serve the development strategies for the city’s manufacturers. It will also boost the high-end manufacturing gathering in Changsha. This may also drive international manufacturers to establish headquarters in Changsha.

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The SANY factory complex covers a large area in the city

A large number of firms such as SANY, Zoomlion, Truking, Gree Changsha and Farsoon Tech are based in Changsha and form the centre of the city's manufacturing business. However, the city also has many other leading firms in the fields of construction machinery, heavy mining machinery, new energy vehicles, industrial robots, marine construction equipment and aerospace equipment. In the future, Changsha is looking to cultivate other high-end manufacturing industries.

Zheng Xiongwei, a well-known international economist and global executive chairman of APCEO, said that from January to July this year, the use of foreign capital in China's manufacturing industry was 150.81 billion yuan, up 8.8% year on year. The use of foreign capital in high-tech manufacturing industry was 48.78 billion yuan, up 31% year on year. At the same time, investment in China has also been outstanding in popular countries and regions. In the first eight months of this year, America's investment in China has increased by 23.6% year on year, and the investment has increased by 26.3% year on year from countries along the “Belt and Road”. Clearly, China's manufacturing industry offers potential for international firms and Changsha is a focus for much of this industry.

So far, the organising committee has set out plans for the Summit, proposed the list of guests and invited some key guests. The organising committee is also promoting the cooperation plan of the manufacturing industry investment fund around the world and setting in process key cooperation projects.

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