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20 September 2019

Volvo CE speeding up infrastructure developments in India

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
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Prabhakar Reddy, a public works contractor in Bellary, Karnataka, India, is using Volvo CE pavers on prestigious projects including the 344 km NH-167 highway
Indian infrastructure is developing at an unprecedented rate and Volvo Construction Equipment machines are said to be providing crucial support to aid this growth.

A key driver for India’s economy, the infrastructure sector is propelling India’s overall development, enjoying intense support from government policies aimed at creating world-class infrastructure in the country. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to invest close to US$1.4 trillion to build modern ports, highways, railways, airports, hospitals and educational institutions, Indian commerce is set for a major boost.

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is at the forefront of supporting this growth across India. From Bellary, Maharashtra to Bangalore, Volvo CE machines are providing efficient, high performance to help contractors complete projects on time or even ahead of the schedule.

Paving quality roads is a source of pride for P. Prabhakar Reddy, a public works contractor in Bellary, Karnataka, India, where a fleet of Volvo CE machines helped on prestigious projects including the 344 km NH-167 highway, which stretches from Hagaribommanahalli in Karnataka to Jadcherla in Telangana.

“Tough smooth roads generate more growth and vibrancy in the economy and definitely more smiles,” Reddy said. “Better road qualities mean better quality of life and living — that’s the bottom line!”

Reddy’s Volvo CE fleet includes two DD100 asphalt compactors, four DD90B asphalt compactors and a P5320B ABG tracked sensor paver. Reddy says the P5320B ABG tracked sensor paver stands alone in its class in terms of paving quality and hassle-free operations. He is also pleasantly surprised that, even with the sophisticated design to boost paving quality, productivity, fuel and efficiency, the paver is still easy to operate.

“Every Volvo Equipment delivers outstanding performance,” Reddy added. “Particularly the Volvo P5320B ABG tracked sensor paver. We get the excellent finish we look for in every project — without fail!”

Meanwhile in Maharashtra, road construction contractor Deshmukh & Co completed the redevelopment of a 130km road from Aurangabad to Dhule in just four months thanks to a Volvo P4370B ABG sensor paver.

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RBR & Co. and SVR Engineering Constructions are using their fleet of Volvo CE machines to construct taxiways, terminals and runways at Kempegowda Bangalore International Airport
“We average five kilometres a day with the Volvo P4370B paver,” said Balasaheb Deshmukh, chairman and managing director of Deshmukh & Co. “While the P4370B delivers quick work, it doesn’t compromise on quality either. Every road is finished smoothly, consistently and flawlessly.”

Over in West Bengal, contractor Bharat Vanijya is using a fleet of Volvo machines for an 84km road project from Bankura to Purulia. On site since September 2015 the fleet comprising of 16 EC210B 20-tonne class crawler excavators, seven SD110BA single drum compactors, three 10-tonne DD100 double drum asphalt compactors, one PT200 pneumatic tyre roller, one P4370B ABG wheeled paver and a P5320B ABG tracked paver. The high-performing fleet of machines from Volvo CE are connecting two disadvantaged districts to boost economic development.

“The future for India’s infrastructure is promising,” said Dimitrov Krishnan, head and vice president of Volvo CE Hub India. “We look forward to helping India pave the road to excellence with reliable and efficient Volvo CE machines.”

In addition to road developments, the India government is also increasing the number of commercial airports and improving existing ones. Two construction companies — RBR & Co. and SVR Engineering Constructions — are using their fleet of Volvo CE machines to construct taxiways, terminals and runways at the Kempegowda Bangalore International Airport. Both customers love the efficiency and fuel savings of Volvo CE machines.

“Volvo equipment efficiency coupled with the dedication of its service personnel is a huge advantage to customers like us,” said I. R. Sreenivasulu Reddy, managing partner, RBR & Co. “We have around nine excavators and three compactors. The better digging capacity and low cycling time makes it a fast, superior machine compared to others.”

In 2018, Kempegowda Bangalore International Airport served 33.3 million passengers and is expanding to cater to the long term demands of India’s aviation market, according to the Hindu Business Online. At the airport, the fleet of Volvo CE machines are working full throttle to complete the second runway and terminal as well as other support infrastructure. For SVR Engineering Constructions, Volvo’s excellent aftermarket service is another reason they’ve relied on the company’s construction equipment for close to two decades.

“Volvo CE offers latest technology with low fuel consumption, reliability and high uptime products in the market,” said Vinod Reddy, managing partner at SV Engineering Constructions. “The staff’s product knowledge, customer service and amazing attitude makes me feel comfortable working with them. That is why I chose Volvo!”

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