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06 February 2015

Bell showcasing prototype 50tonne B50E ADT

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A key launch for Bell is a prototype of its 50tonne class ADT, the B50E.

Set to succeed the world's first production 50tonner, the Bell B50D, the B50E is a vital part of the second phase of South African firm’s E-series development programme. This phase encompasses Bell Equipment's trucks in the 35, 40, 45 and 50tonne payload classes.

Tristan du Pisanie, Bell Equipment's product marketing manager, said: "Our smaller 20 to 30 tonne E-series ADTs formed the first phase of development. They have been well accepted by the market so there has been no need for a change of approach with our larger trucks, and we are excited to showcase our B50E prototype.”

Bell says the class-leading operator cab on all E-series models is an important feature and believe operators of the B50E will be pleased with the efficient and clean ergonomics, low noise levels, a full-colour driving screen incorporating the reverse camera display, and B-drive automotive-style mouse navigation of the display screen.

For the B50E and the manufacturer’s other large ADTs, Bell has chosen to continue using highly efficient Mercedes Benz engines. In the relevant power classes, Mercedes Benz has moved from V engines to Straight 6 engines to meet Stage IV/Tier 4 Final legislation. "This change has been incorporated into our E-series large trucks resulting in an increase in kW/tonne to deliver better cycle times. The new engines from Mercedes Benz also show improvements over the outgoing 500 Series engines in the areas of emissions, power density, noise levels and fuel consumption,” said du Pisanie.

"Throughout our large trucks there are many features and specs that differentiate a Bell ADT from competitor ADTs. Lowering the cost per tonne on our E-series truck was a major goal of the [E-Series development] programme, because a lower cost per tonne allows our customers to either be more profitable or be more competitive when tendering for projects," he explained.

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