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DCT adds DriBoss to range

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
2011 July August
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Dust Control Technology's DriBoss dust suppression system
Specialised nozzles create droplets of a controlled size, then a powerful fan compresses the air through a tapered barrel and propels the mist over a large area
US-based Dust Control Technology has added the DriBoss dust suppression system for use in harsh environments. The company said that in addition to the DriBoss evaporation equipment, it will also supply ancillary components such as pumps, valves, controls, sensors and automation designed to withstand caustic and corrosive environments.

DCT will offer complete solutions from initial site analysis through to design of customised systems with weather stations and computer control

According to DCT CEO Edwin Peterson, the firm will supply both water fracturing and atomized mist equipment designs. "Fracturing is essentially splitting the droplets with a high-speed fan and propelling them into the air," he explained. "It's a technique that's well suited to smaller areas, in which the wastewater contains high solids levels or large particulates. Water fracturing evaporators can be land-based or floating on pontoons

"Atomisation is more complex, with specialised nozzles creating droplets of a controlled size, then using a powerful fan to compress the air through a tapered barrel and propel the mist over a large area. This type of design is best for larger operations and greater volumes of wastewater, where lower amounts of dissolved solids are present and particulates are small."

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