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26 August 2019

A chocolate biscuit approach to health & safety

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
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Any aggregates quarry operators wonder about a potential link between health and safety and chocolate biscuits?

Well, the latest episode of The Interesting Health & Safety Podcast starring IMG’s Colin Nottage makes a case for such a comparison.

In ‘Why H&S is Like a Chocolate Biscuit’, Nottage argues that while chocolate biscuits have been around for years, through the ages they have been repackaged, remarketed, produced and shaped differently to make them more exciting for us. Likewise, he says business leaders have been presented an opportunity to make health and safety exciting, to get people hyped up that they can attend work knowing they won’t get hurt.

Nottage notes the importance of devising simple straight forward rules and procedures for people to follow, which can embed a “Help them to help you” approach to raising standards.

Through his consultancy, Influential Management Group (IMG), Colin works at a strategic level with company owners and board members, helping business leaders establish and achieve their health and safety ambitions.

Click here to listen to the latest podcast episode.

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