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22 January 2019

CEMEX pedestrian safety message on 57 new DAF trucks

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In the UK, 57 new DAF trucks now carry CEMEX's bold Pedestrian safety message of 'Don't Chance it'
With the New Year in the UK, comes 57 new DAF trucks carrying CEMEX’s bold Pedestrian safety message of ‘Don’t Chance it’.

The 57 aggregate tipper trucks will be operating at CEMEX locations throughout Britain, spreading the vital safety message to pedestrians in the community. The trucks are DAF eight-wheelers which will carry 20 tonnes of aggregates to be used in construction.

For the first time the safety message includes images of three different groups of vulnerable pedestrians - school children, the not-so-young and mums with babies and toddlers. The aim is to target the message specifically at these groups.  In addition, there is the original image, that of a ‘generic’ pedestrian.  

“Our trucks are moving billboards and can help us save lives, in this case those of pedestrians. In total we have around 800 vehicles travelling approximately 39 million miles. It’s a great opportunity to use some of these vehicles to spread the message of ‘Don’t Chance it’, that is don’t step out in front of or close to a large goods vehicle,” comments Dave Hart, supply chain director.

The CEMEX Pedestrian safety campaign was launched at the beginning of 2018, following on from their highly successful and market-leading cyclist safety campaign. The company aims to engage with pedestrians to highlight the potential dangers around large goods vehicles and the part pedestrians can play in staying safe.

In 2016, 25% of road fatalities were pedestrians, up 10% compared to 2015, according to the Department of Transport.

During 2018 CEMEX has produced a range of materials to inform pedestrians about how to stay safe: a safety leaflet, posters and video available through its website.

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