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15 May 2019

New environmental monitoring unit from EMS Brüel & Kjaer

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
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The EMU combines measurement, remote communication, system monitoring and power supply

Danish company EMS Brüel & Kjaer has released a new EMU Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU) that is capable of measuring noise, vibration, weather and blast overpressure simultaneously.

The device is suitable for a range of applications in quarrying, mining and construction, including outdoor monitoring for compliance assessment, background measurements or specific studies around quarries, airports, mines, construction sites, ports and other industries.

EMS Brüel & Kjaer says the EMU combines everything needed for continuous measurement, accessed remotely in real time in a single unit.

The integrated solution incorporates sensors, a data logger, cellular and Wi-Fi communications and a battery in a tough waterproof enclosure. Users connect the sensors and switch the unit on to start measurement.

Commenting on the launch, Douglas Manvell, instrumentation product manager, said: “Noise and vibration instrumentation are a critical part of our ANOMS and Sentinel managed services, deployed in over 42 countries, and this means 2 things. Firstly, they must be capable of measuring a wide range of metrics to meet the different legislative needs. Secondly, they must be easy to use, deploy and be very reliable to maintain high data integrity during long term continuous unattended monitoring at a low cost of operation.

"The EMU has been engineered with these points in mind and customers using the instruments standalone can enjoy the same benefits”.

The new unit is available pole or wall mounted for permanent installation or with a tripod for portable applications. It can be ordered as noise only, vibration only or noise and vibration combined.

The EMU is based on EMS Brüel & Kjaer’s vibration monitoring terminal, and existing owners are able to add noise capability by upgrading their units to the new EMU.

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