Customised CDE plant for SOMEVAM industrial sands production

SOMEVAM, a subsidiary of the Tunisia-based Sebri Group, has been operating quarries servicing the construction market in Tunisia since 2001. To diversify its operations, the company decided to invest in the production of specialist industrial sands for the glass industry in North Africa, Asia, and Europe. This led to SOMEVAM purchasing a custom-made CDE plant solution. The new CDE plant now operating at a SOMEVAM quarry is said by the Cookstown, Northern Ireland-headquartered manufacturer to recover 100% of the feed material, transforming it into five in-spec materials of glass, coarse, and foundry sands as well as oversize and ultra-fines, all ready for sale straight from the belts. The flexible CDE solution can also be tailored for other cut points in line with different market specifications.
May 28, 2020

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