Part 3: Simex showcases premium VSE screening buckets

Italian hydraulic attachments specialist Simex has released the last of three eye-catching videos focusing on the manufacturer’s state-of-the-art VSE screening buckets for excavators.
April 4, 2022

The third video focuses on Simex’s exclusive FIT tool system element of the VSE model range for 8-45-tonne excavators.

Viewers learn how FIT radically changes how screening elements are composed, configured and replaced. No disassembly of the shafts is needed: each element is easily replaceable with a simple procedure that can be performed in minutes on your worksite, using a hammer and punch. Simex says the FIT system reduces maintenance costs by up to 75% compared to its predecessor.

VSE screening buckets come in four sizes: 8-13 tonnes (VSE 10), 12-18 tonnes (VSE 20), 16-30 tonnes (VSE 30), and 30-45 tonnes (VSE 40). All three Simex videos showcase the range’s versatility, high productivity and reliability.