Hardy hauling

A new Doosan articulated haul truck is proving a reliable workhorse for a Bavarian clay and loam pit operator.
Loading, Hauling & Excavation / December 2, 2020 3 mins Read
By Guy Woodford
The new Doosan DA45-7 at work at Creaton’s clay and loam pit in Langenreichen-Buttenwiesen, Bavaria
The new Doosan DA45-7 at work at Creaton’s clay and loam pit in Langenreichen-Buttenwiesen, Bavaria

Clay and loam pits are tough workplaces for machines, where the access roads are often poor and can only be travelled by vehicles that have excellent rough terrain capabilities and enormous power. This is especially the case at the clay and loam pit run by Creaton in Langenreichen-Buttenwiesen in Bavaria, southern Germany.

To overcome these tough conditions and ensure the efficient and safe transport of materials at all times, Creaton relies on articulated dump trucks (ADTs) from Doosan. The latest addition to the Creaton fleet is a new Doosan DA45-7 ADT, powered by the new Scania Stage V DC13 13-litre diesel engine, purchased from Süddeutsche Baumaschinen and its distribution partner, Nestel Baumaschinen.

Although the routes in and out of the Langenreichen-Buttenwiesen clay pit are not too long, at around 500 metres in length, the terrain is extremely challenging, especially in wet conditions. Soft ground and ascents and descents with gradients of up to 25 per cent are all par for the course. One thing above all counts in these conditions, and that is rough terrain capability. And Doosan ADTs, such as the new Doosan DA45-7 model, are said by the manufacturer to offer this like no other machines on the market.

Like all Doosan ADTs, the new DA45-7 features an articulation hinge positioned behind the turning ring to provide equal weight distribution to the front axle even during maximum steer articulation. This, combined with a free-swinging rear tandem bogie, ensures equal distribution of weight to each wheel and guarantees permanent six-wheel contact and drive for equal power distribution and excellent performance particularly on difficult terrains such as soft ground, uneven surfaces, very steep slopes, tight turns or a combination of all of these problematic conditions.

Combined with its high engine power of 368kW, the DA45-7 efficiently manages to transport its 41-tonne payload of material up the steep inclines to the intermediate storage area at the pit, even in wet and extremely slippery conditions.

Quarry manager Roland Kanefzky said: “The DA45-7 has the best off-road capability of all the brands we tested. The previous generation of this model, the DA40-5, has been in service with us for five years and has been very impressive.”

Creaton has equipped its new Doosan DA45-7 ADT with some special features, including wide Michelin 875/65 R29 XADN tyres
Creaton has equipped its new Doosan DA45-7 ADT with some special features, including wide Michelin 875/65 R29 XADN tyres

The Creaton quarry’s DA45-7 driver, Christoph Schimpp, added: “Thanks to the high engine power and the eight-speed transmission, the DA45-7 offers great power, even when fully loaded. The new self-adjusting front axle has also significantly improved driving comfort compared to the DA40-5.”

Creaton has equipped the DA45-7 with some special features for use in clay and loam pits. For example, the wide Michelin 875/65 R29 XADN tyres with their low ground pressure further enhance comfort for the driver in the ADT. The Grammer adjustable, suspended operator seat, an improved layout for the display which is easier to use even for tired eyes and the GRIFA Softstep step up all increase the driver’s comfort so they can work with the highest possible efficiency over long periods.

The DA45-7 at Creaton is also equipped with an optional hauler heating system that allows the body of the machine to be heated by using exhaust gases, which is the most economical method compared to other energy sources for this heating option.

From March to November the ADTs work reliably for around 1,000 hours a year in the clay and loam pit at Creaton, a member of the Etex Group. The previous DA40-5 is said to have scored lots of points in this area with its exceptionally low downtime. “The ADTs from Doosan have proved to be extremely robust, and if there is an issue, we can always rely on the very fast, good quality service provided by Süddeutsche Bau and Nestel Baumaschinen and on a fast supply of spare parts,” Kanefzky emphasised.

Süddeutsche Baumaschinen, founded in 1991, with its distribution partner, Nestel Baumaschinen, based in Krauchenwies, has been a Doosan dealer since 2002. From its headquarters in Neu-Ulm, the company has around 120 employees and offers its customers a comprehensive range of services for the sale, rental and servicing of construction machinery. Also, there is an engineering shop and services available in the field of processing technology. The company has 12 customer service vehicles at its six branches.

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