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Thanks to the brilliant insight of Antonella Valerio and Franz Toneatti, with over thirty years of experience in the sector, OUTSET has been offering haulage contractors professional solutions to control and manage on-board weighing since 1999.
April 10, 2024
T1 LOADER display | photo credit Outset
T1 LOADER display | photo credit Outset

Right from the word “go” we took the decision to offer our customers products that had been thoroughly tested, that would make their work easier, maximizing the advantages of precise and efficient weighing while loading: rationalizing time, reducing operating costs, making haulage safer, in full compliance with the rules of the road, making the risk of administrative and criminal fines a thing of the past. With over thirty years of experience OUTSET produces a wide range of high-tech instruments to optimize loads on industrial vehicles, earthmoving machinery, mining and vehicles used for logistics’ services.

We have faced the ISO 9001-14001-45001 certifications leading to standardize company activities. By these certifications we can guarantee the quality of our company and testify our commitment towards the protection and safety of customers, suppliers and employees and the security of delivering certified quality products, submitted to continuous studies research and development.

The company has been transformed into a Benefit company at the end of 2021 and, after a challenging sustainability journey, was certified B-Corp in July 2022. A great satisfaction, considering there are 280 certified B-Corp companies in Italy.

They constitute a movement of companies with a common objective: to be protagonists of global change and regenerate society through business. With their activities, they create a positive social and environmental impact. The objective of B Corps is to spread a more advanced business paradigm and trigger positive competition, so that all companies are measured and evaluated in their work according to the same yardstick: the positive impact they have on society and the planet.

To remain competitive in today's global marketplace, Outset is on a path to respond to demands for environmental, social and governance data from investors, stakeholders, retailers and end-consumers. In a continuously evolving market characterized by a growing awareness of sustainability, it is necessary to combine individual sustainability efforts and initiatives with greater transparency, to demonstrate how it is acting to reduce climate change, create more circular products with a positive impact on global supply chains, as well as on society itself. Today, appealing to sustainability requirements is no longer just an ethical issue, but also a commercial imperative!

T1 Loader e Truck
T1 LOADER and T1 TRUCK  | photo credit Outset

The ever-increasing attention to the topic of sustainability is in fact changing some product certification requirements and greater attention to consumption monitoring functions, with a design that thinks about the entire life cycle of the products to preserve resources with adequate measures of recycling and reuse, and end-of-life obsolescence planning. We are developing sustainable and regenerative designs, which embrace the concept of sustainable innovation.

As a B Corp we operate responsibly, following sustainable and transparent criteria, which are rewriting the way of doing business globally.

From the start we made it our priority to guarantee added value for the customer, providing an effective consulting service tailor-made to fit the specific product, both in sales and after-sales. We’re well aware that, in order to meet the customer’s requirements to the full, we need to be there for them at all times to understand what they really need, to propose the best products and services to meet those standards.

We train specialised technicians and have a capillary network of authorised product dealers and installers to guarantee ground-breaking products and services, always in line with new market trends.

Today, operating in both Italy and abroad, we’re continuously investing in R&D to improve our products, and above all to develop new, innovative instruments based on technology of the latest generation.

T1 is the new concept of on-board weighing and productivity management for earthmoving machinery, mining and logistics such as wheel and front loader, excavator, forklift truck, telehandler, adt, lhd, etc. in one device. The innovative T1 MMT bluetooth weighing module allows a direct and constant control of the loaded material and the details of the job such as customer, material, vehicle ID, operator, etc. through an Android App for rugged smartphone or tablet. All weighing data and production databases can be transmitted via serial or can-bus line to the on-board computer, on external devices or directly in-cloud, maintaining control and management of productivity and safety of your machinery.

This new generation of weighing systems uses latest generation components that significantly improve and increase the calculation capacity and performance of the systems. The new T1 LOADER system for wheel loaders is undergoing OILM R51 approval, confirming its superior precision and reliability of use.

New Corporate picture | photo credit Outset

While the new T1 DIGGER system ENTRY LEVEL version for the excavator with two inclinometers has been implemented and upgraded to the ADVANCED LEVEL version managing four inclinometers in order to make it even more precise and performing, minimizing the operator intervention.

The entire new T1 product range has been enhanced thanks to interconnection with the T1 CLOUD permitting bi-directional communication in real time between the On-Board Weighing System and the ERP Server, allowing you to send and receive, at any time, Missions/Jobs and load data updates (customer, vehicle, destination, material, etc.) directly to the vehicle’s weighing system in use by the operator. Vice versa, the operator using the weighing system, via the Data SIM, the Wi-Fi connection, or via the satellite device is able to send the load data and the mission/job status directly on the T1 CLOUD accessible via username and password from any pc or mobile device. The interface has been designed listening to the needs of operators in the sector with simple and intuitive menus that are easy to use, highlighting the most interesting data regarding on-board weighing, tire pressure and temperature monitoring, vehicle geolocation, remote diagnosis, remote maintenance and automatic recognition of the outfitting. Reports are available in various formats divided by field (customer, vehicle, mission, weighing).

OUTSET celebrates its 25 years of activity and we firmly believe in the value of remaining constantly and continuosly contact with our customers. We see the drivers who use our product as our partners, allies who will convey their satisfaction in our product to others by telling them how useful it is. That’s why we make sure we listen to their opinions and recommendations every day, to create new solutions and develop new technologies, together pursuing the goal of continuously improving their working conditions, safety and productivity.

We are a pioneering force in our field, and we are thrilled to share our presence at key exhibitions worldwide. From the bustling halls of INTERMAT in Paris, April, 24th – 27th, the ultimate gathering for earthmoving machines, where we will unveil our latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies. From Milan’s TRANSPOTEC, the hub for industrial vehicles, to Tokyo’s CSPI EXPO, we are making mark accross continents. Engage with us as we redefine the standards of excellence and shape the future of earthmoving machinery and industrial vehicles. Don’t miss the chance to connect with us at these prestigious events!

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