Develon bringing a comprehensive machine range to its steinexpo debut

Develon, formerly Doosan Construction Equipment, will have a wide range of its machines on show when making its steinexpo debut at the 2023 edition of the exhibition.
Loading, Hauling & Excavation / July 24, 2023
By Guy Woodford
Develon's DX800LC-7 crawler excavator will be in the demonstration area at steinexpo 2023. Pic: Develon

The South Korean manufacturer brand will display and demonstrate some of its wide range of crawler excavators, wheeled loaders and articulated dump trucks (ADTs). This machine trio is said to offer customers from the quarry, mine and construction sectors complete solutions for excavation, loading and transport work, as well as meeting the needs of many application types, from general earthworks to the production of aggregates and building materials, all from a single source.

The company's static display will include the DX490LC-7 crawler excavator, the DL420CVT-7 wheeled loader and a DA30-7 ADT. The DX490LC-7 crawler excavator is powered by a Stage V-compliant Scania DC13 diesel engine, which provides 257kW of power. The increased power of the DC13 engine is combined with a Virtual Bleed Off (VBO) hydraulic system (D-Ecopower+) and the new generation Smart Power Control Technology (SPC3) to optimise productivity and fuel consumption, depending on the mode selected.

Develon DA45-7 4x4
Develon's DA45-7 4x4 ADT is the manufacturer's first dump truck with 4x4 drive. Pic: Develon

In the demonstration area, Develon will put its DX800LC-7 80-tonne crawler excavator, DL550-7 wheeled loader and the new DA45-7 4x4 ADT through their paces. The DX800LC-7 is Develon's second largest crawler excavator, only surpassed in size by the new DX1000LC-7 100-tonne model.
In the DL550-7, the powerful hydraulic system allows it to work quickly and efficiently. The Scania DC13 283kW engine in the DL550-7 delivers optimal power while meeting Stage V environmental regulations. Combining these features gives this Develon wheeled loader excellent balance, ensuring optimal bucket loading with every cycle of the loader's 5.7m³ bucket. The lifting arm with Z-kinematics provides excellent breakout forces and lifting capacities, especially for heavy materials.

The DA45-7 4x4 ADT is Develon's first dump truck with 4x4 drive. The new 4x4 version of the DA45-7 ADT is intended to challenge rigid dump trucks in the 40-tonne class. With its 4x4 design, the new version of the DA45-7 is better at handling bad roads, smoother driving surfaces and steeper terrain than rigid dump trucks. The DA45-7 4x4 ADT is also said by Develon to have a better-turning radius than comparable rigid dump trucks.

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