Develon unveils the DX140LC-7K crawler excavator

Develon, formerly Doosan Construction Equipment, has unveiled the DX140LC-7K 14.6 tonne crawler excavator, replacing the company’s successful DX140LC-7 model. 
Loading, Hauling & Excavation / June 19, 2023
By Guy Woodford
The new Develon DX140LC-7K. Pic: Develon

While the performance and working range are the same as the DX140LC-7, the new machine incorporates many improvements that enhance safety and convenience both for the operator and for working on-site, together with a better operator experience, particularly from a maintenance point of view.  

The main improvements on the new DX140LC-7K model include:

 *  Better maintenance access
 *  Safer access to the upper structure
 *  Better rear visibility
 *  Better right-side visibility
 *  New dashboard with tablet design, offering faster response

The upgraded serviceability of the DX140LC-7K includes better access to the DEF tank and the fuel refilling hose. This is combined with a much easier approach for the operator to the engine compartment via new anti-slip steps and handrails positioned behind the cab. The anti-slip steps are protected and secured by a new door on the side of the excavator.

Develon DX140LC-7K
The DX140LC-7K is replacing the company’s successful DX140LC-7 crawler excavator Pic: Develon


The DX140LC-7K also has a new flattened engine cover design that has reduced the maximum height of cover components on the back of the machine from 1285.5mm and 1320mm down to a uniform 1070mm across all of the back. This now offers much better visibility for the operator to the rear and right-hand side of the machine. 

Changes have been made Inside the engine compartment, facilitating the new lower engine cover, including repositioning the PTO (Power take-off) for the rotation pump from the main pump to the engine itself. This has also allowed the size of the aftertreatment system to be optimised and for it to be lowered. 

Elsewhere on the DX140LC-7K, Develon has removed holding valves from the main valve for better fluidity. These holding valves on the main valve are not needed in the EU, as they are standard on the boom and arm. This reduces pressure losses and creates less heat in the system. The air prefilter has also been moved for better performance and noise reduction.

Inside the operator’s cab is a new dashboard monitor with a state-of-the-art tablet design. The former hydraulic two-way pedal has also been replaced by a two-way electronic pedal, with a new PE3C electric pedal as a standard feature and a simplified hydraulic system.

The state-of-the-art cab on the DX140LC-7K continues to excel in spaciousness and ergonomics, taking operator comfort and ease of operation to new levels. As well as the new monitor, the operator has a high-quality seat and more features as standard than other machines on the market, ensuring super controllability and high precision in all applications. 

Other key features in and around the cab include:

*      DAB audio (Hands-free calling system and Bluetooth)
*      Keyless start (Develon Smart Key) & remote door lock/unlock
*      Fully adjustable air suspension seat with heating (with optional cooling function)
*      Parallel wiper system and new design pedals
*      Improved airflow for defrosting and air conditioning
*      9 x LED work lights as standard/2 more LED lamps as an option
*      AVM - Around View Monitor with 360° cameras (option)

The new excavator utilises a smart hydraulic system that offers an improvement of around 30% in attachment work compared to previous excavator models. This system applies a smart hydraulic logic for optimal distribution of the hydraulic flow rate when both the arm and attachment work simultaneously, with a new priority valve and an additional hydraulic line maintaining continuous hydraulic flow to the attachment, even when the arm is being used. 

The DX140LC-7K is powered by the D34 4-cylinder Stage V diesel engine providing 86 kW (115 HP) of power at 2000 RPM. The impressive performance of the engine, in combination with the hydraulic main valve and the SPC3 Smart Power Controls, provide increased fuel saving. Four power modes are available on the DX140LC-7K, and the operator can set the power mode (P+, P, S or E) in both one-way and two-way working modes.

There is a Tiltrotator Mode on the control panel in the new excavator, which can be selected to ensure an optimised hydraulic flow and helps to maximise the accuracy of tiltrotator work by eliminating back pressure. This tiltrotator mode is a special two-way flow mode, but it is managed by the EPOS like a one-way flow mode, with a direct return to the tank in each direction to avoid back pressure and increase flow and controllability.

The DX140LC-7K is factory-installed as standard with Develon’s state-of-the-art Telematics Management System for wireless fleet monitoring. This system offers a web-based fleet management solution which is very useful for monitoring the performance and security of machines and promoting preventative maintenance. 

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