LiuGong has big hopes in North America for its new 856H-E MAX wheeled loader

LiuGong's new 21-tonne 856H-E MAX wheeled loader is part of the company's worldwide range of electric construction vehicles. Powering the machine is a 432kWh large-capacity lithium-ion phosphate battery from renowned battery manufacturer CATL.
Loading, Hauling & Excavation / March 21, 2023
By Guy Woodford
LiuGong's 856H-E MAX wheeled loader on show at CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2023

The 856H-E MAX is capable of 10 hours of working time for light applications and eight hours for heavy applications. It also features an Intelligent Battery Management System that can be fast charged in 90 minutes.

"The industry is talking about battery electric vehicles at a greater volume than in years past," said Andrew Ryan, president of LiuGong North America.

"LiuGong is the world's largest manufacturer of wheeled loaders, so it makes sense for our company to lead the industry in the adoption and application of battery technology."

The 856H-E MAX has already proven its reliability in the field, with more than 2,000 electric wheeled loaders operating in the world's toughest conditions as of October 2022, and exponential growth is expected. Its reliability is reinforced by the IP67-rated wiring harness and waterproof integrated battery package. All of that is backed by a standard five-year or 10,000-hour battery, motor, and controller warranty.

LiuGong says the 856H-E MAX thrives in work sites where traditional combustion engines aren't allowed or fixed-site operations where investments in charging infrastructure make sense.

In addition to making work easier, the wheeled loader's new electric technologies are also environmentally conscious while offering a competitive cost of ownership. The 856H-E MAX consumes zero fuel, produces zero emissions, and significantly lowers noise and vibration levels.

The 856H-E MAX features intelligent controls and a human-centric design for a claimed superior operator experience. This includes load-sensing hydraulics, an EAT700 transmission with an electro-proportional valve for fast, smooth shifting, and independent control of the dual-motor drive for maximum hydraulic lift.

The LiuGong Intelligent Auto Digging System automatically cycles repetitive digging to reduce operator fatigue. Its electric control box also improves transmission efficiency compared to conventional machines.

According to the Chinese manufacturer, the vehicle was designed around the operator to provide the highest safety, visibility, and comfort levels. Its cab has full ROPS (rollover) protection, and systems are in place to significantly reduce dust and noise contamination.

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