Volvo CE expands rigid hauler range into 60-and-70-tonne classes

Following the success of the R100 hauler, the launch of the 55-tonne payload R60 and 65-tonne R70 rigid haulers from Volvo CE broaden quarrying and light mining customers' hauling operations.
Loading, Hauling & Excavation / June 6, 2024
By Guy Woodford
Volvo CE has expanded its rigid hauler range with the new machines aimed at quarrying and light mining customers. Pic: Volvo CE

As with its bigger 95-tonne brother, the R100, both the 55-tonne payload R60 and 65-tonne payload R70 rigid hauliers are designed to help drive down the total cost of ownership and introduce the latest comfort and safety features. 

While the R60 has a body volume of 36.04m3, the R70 offers 42.4m3. Although they may be smaller in size, fans of the flagship R100 will see many of the same features and benefits of the latest E-generation in the new machines.

Launching these new units gives quarry and lite mining customers greater production options – not just of these three rigid haulers, but also Volvo CE’s articulated hauler range. (The R60 rigid has the same 55-tonne payload as the company’s

Volvo CE RDTs
Volvo CE's new R60 RDT at work in a quarry. Pic: Volvo CE

A60H articulated hauler).

The choice between a rigid hauler and an articulated hauler in quarrying and mining sites depends on various factors, including the specific needs and conditions of the operation. While rigid haulers thrive on sites with wide, firm, well maintained haul roads, where they can travel fast (up to 61km/h) over long distances, articulated haulers’ trump card is on uneven, narrow, slippery and steep haul roads, where the haul cycle is shorter. The introduction of the R60 and R70 allows Volvo to tailor hauling solutions to suit the particular site dynamics. Volvo Site Simulation service can help meet production targets, reduce CO₂ emissions and boost profitability by recommending the optimal site setup/machine fleet.

The new machines are being made at Volvo CE’s Motherwell plant in Scotland, a site that for nearly 75 years has been the global heart of rigid hauler development. Its haulers are famed for their high productivity, low maintenance requirements and long service life, and the R60 and R70 are no exception to that rule. With a low centre of gravity, balanced weight, and tough-yet-flexible chassis, these machines embody the robustness, performance, and reliability that deliver low operation costs.

Maximising tons of material moved per hour is a core tenet of the design of the R60 and R70. The new machines feature a V-shaped haul body that is designed to deliver maximum load retention while at the same time minimal material carry-back post-dumping. The dumping process itself is also speedy, thanks to a fast-tip system. Providing real-time insights on payload, the optional On-Board Weighing system helps operators apply the industry standard 10/10/20 payload policy – where the machine can take 10% overload for 10% of the time but should not exceed 20%.

When it comes to grip, the high drive axle multiplication ensures maximum traction, while the already efficient high-torque engine is further supported in cutting fuel consumption by the automatic adaptive gear selection offered by Volvo Dynamic Shift Control. The engine also has a selectable Eco mode that defaults to the most efficient gear, while the auto engine idle shutdown reduces engine 

The R60 and R70 rigid haulers are said by Volvo CE to be a haven for operator comfort and safety. Pic: Volvo CE

wear – and both of these boost fuel efficiency.

As with the R100, the R60 and R70 is said to be a haven for operator comfort and safety. Starting with safety, the cab is fully ROPS/FOPS certified, and access is gained from both sides via anti-slip steps. When on the move the haulers feature gear-dependent speed control, and a selectable brake or transmission retarder. The gearbox also has overspeed protection and a neutral coast inhibitor for downhill operations. There is fail-safe braking and even a secondary steering system to keep the machine safely on the right track. Visibility is among the most important elements of safety, and the operators of the R60 and R70 have perfect vision – a result of the large windscreen and low-raked dashboard, further supported by left-positioned operator station (that aids safe passing) and 360-degree Volvo Smart View option.

When it comes to comfort, the R60 and R70 are the sort of workplaces that keep operators alert and performing at their best, all shift long. Starting with an ergonomic seating position and air-suspended seat, the operator is insulated from the world outside thanks to independent suspension, while the cab sits on vibration-damping viscous mounts. The steering is low effort, and the wheel is adjustable, while the operator can choose cab temperature thanks to a powerful air conditioning system. They benefit from ample storage space and can also choose their own entertainment via a Bluetooth radio that can connect to mobile phones.

One of the strengths of the R60 and R70 is their ease of maintenance. Helping to keep repair costs and downtime down, the units have long 500-hour service intervals, ground-level tagout, and easy-to-reach service points. Common-sized bearings keep parts stockholding simple and cost-effective. Technology also plays a part in onboard service diagnostics, while the CareTrack telematics system looks on from afar. These help to rapidly identify potential faults and maximise uptime.

The capacity of the R60 and R70 are well matched with the loading abilities of Volvo CE’s EC950F crawler excavator and the L350H wheeled loader. The introduction of the R60 and R70 usefully increases Volvo CE’s portfolio for the quarrying and mining segment.

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