Betolar & Metso to cooperate in mining & construction industries' utilisation of side streams from the lithium hydroxide process

Betolar and Metso have struck a cooperation agreement in which Betolar's technology can be offered globally to mining and construction customers using Metso's lithium hydroxide process.
Quarry Products / December 4, 2023
By Guy Woodford
Betolar and Metso's cooperation agreement will see Betolar's technology offered globally to mining and construction customers using Metso's lithium hydroxide process. Pic: Betolar

With material technology solutions for Betolar's side stream research, the analcime sand generated as a side stream in lithium extraction is analysed, and its further processing value is assessed. With Betolar's recipes, analcime sand can be utilised as gravel and binder in materials for low-carbon building, infrastructure and mining construction, which reduces emissions and the use of virgin natural resources in concrete production.

Betolar sand
Analcime sand, Pic: Betolar

"With our sustainable circular economy solution, the added value of analcime sand can be significantly increased. The three-year cooperation agreement with Metso supports access to markets that are key to our strategy. The cooperation strengthens our growth opportunities globally, especially in the waste upcycling business," says Ville Voipio, Chief Commercial Officer at Betolar.

The demand for Metso's battery materials technology is said to be in a strong growth phase. Pic: Metso

Lithium production for e-mobility and energy storage batteries will produce increasing amounts of analcime sand as the green technology transition progresses. The battery industry is interested in finding financially and environmentally sustainable further use for increasing side streams.

"The demand for Metso's battery materials technology is in a strong growth phase. Together with Betolar, we can offer our customers a comprehensive solution that can also take into account the circular economy use of side streams in an innovative and sustainable way," says Mikko Rantaharju, Vice President of Hydrometallurgy at Metso.

Betolar has developed recipes and methods for utilising analcime sand and has carried out commercial customer projects. Betolar's research on analcime sand has been funded as part of the EU's key projects responding to the needs of the green transition in key industries. 

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