BGS to help deliver International Centres of Excellence on Sustainable Resource Management

BGS (British Geological Survey) is part of a consortium approved by the UN to deliver its International Centres of Excellence on Sustainable Resource Management.
Quarry Products / March 4, 2024
By Guy Woodford
National flags at the entrance to the UN office in Geneva, Switzerland. Pic: ID 88438996 © Dejan Baric

The new United Nations (UN) International Centres of Excellence on Sustainable Resource Management (ICE-SRM) focus on supporting sustainable management of the resources needed for development, in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


As part of this initiative, BGS and five other partners will help provide policy support, technical advice, education, training, and other critical activities for stakeholders involved in the sustainable development of primary raw materials.


Each centre, within its activity footprint, will identify opportunities and navigate barriers to adopt the UN Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC) and the UN Resource Management System (UNRMS), as well as showcase best practices and share results within the ICE-SRM network. This will be achieved by developing the scientific and socio-economic understanding of both production and reducing the use of primary raw materials, as well as designing and implementing the products, processes, policies and systems required for the transition to a circular economy.


The activities and projects of an ICE-SRM will include:

  • capacity building to ensure other relevant organisations have the skills required to implement sustainable resource management practises through UNFC and UNRMS
  • contribution to further development and maintenance of UNFC and UNRMS
  • advocacy for the adoption of sustainable resource management practices
  • outreach via workshops, training and promotion of outputs to share best practice


"This is an exciting opportunity to showcase BGS’s excellent research into the responsible use of mineral resources. By collaborating with experts from academia and the UN, this centre can translate scientific excellence into tangible policy goals for more sustainable use of raw materials," said Tom Bide, BGS minerals geoscientist. 


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