Cemex restarts marine terminal operations amid Calica legal access dispute 

Cemex has reestablished its operations at the Quintana Roo marine terminal in Mexico amid a legal dispute over access to the site with Calica, a Vulcan Materials subsidiary.
Quarry Products / March 21, 2023
By Guy Woodford
Cemex has reestablished its operations at the Quintana Roo marine terminal in Mexico

In a statement released on Monday, a company spokesman said: "Cemex has an existing contractual relationship with Calica, a Mexican subsidiary of Vulcan Materials, for the use of a marine terminal located in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. This private agreement between both companies began more than 20 years ago, and since then, Cemex has continuously used the terminal to transport cement products.

"Since late 2022, Cemex has had difficulties accessing the terminal and facilities where Cemex's assets and products are located. After months of negotiations and failure to reach agreement with Calica, Cemex filed a lawsuit before a local Civil Court, which granted injunctive relief granting Cemex access to the terminal and allowing Cemex to continue its operations while the legal proceeding is pending.

"Calica disregarded the injunctive order by the judge allowing Cemex to access the facility. As a result, Cemex sought and obtained further relief from Calica's contempt of a court order. As part of the proceedings, the Quintana Roo State Prosecutor's Office granted Cemex injunctive relief and a legal warrant to access the property and continue operating. In both cases, all parties were officially notified of the injunctive relief and warrant.

"In light of these rulings and the applicable law, on March 14, the competent authorities enforced the relief and warrant to allow Cemex to reenter the property and reestablish its operations at the terminal."

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