Cemex Ventures invests in digital solution aiming to reduce construction's CO2 footprint

Cemex Ventures, Cemex's corporate venture capital (CVC) and open innovation unit, is investing in Vizcab, a French startup whose digital platform enables different developers and architecture, engineering & construction (AEC) stakeholders to assess and work towards reducing CO2 emissions across the construction value chain.
Quarry Products / November 24, 2023
By Guy Woodford
Gonzalo Galindo, head of Cemex Ventures. Pic: Cemex Ventures

Assessing and working towards reducing embodied carbon in the construction materials industry can reduce climate change's impact in the short term. Vizcab's holistic solution provides a comprehensive view of a building's carbon footprint throughout its entire lifecycle from start to end-of-life – from a building's embodied carbon to its operational carbon emissions.

Vizcab's product suite makes this complicated process simple by incorporating five digital services that permit manufacturers, designers, real estate developers, and builders to benchmark building materials and practices, set building sustainability strategies, automate life cycle assessments ("LCAs") into the construction plan, measure performance to identify impactful insights and get a full overview of real estate developers' scope 3 emissions all while staying connected in one integrated platform. The company aims to build more sustainable buildings that comply with stricter environmental standards and regulations.

Cemex Ventures
Cemex Ventures is investing in Vizcab, a French startup. Pic: Cemex Ventures

Governments are more frequently requiring from stakeholders across the global construction value chain. Governmental regulation, such as the 'RE 2020' in France, has accelerated the use of Vizcab's platform, making LCA and optimisations simpler and faster.

"Vizcab's exhaustive solution enables cooperation between different stakeholders to manage carbon strategies throughout a project's lifecycle, a critical challenge in our complex and interconnected industry. This solution also implements the use of building materials with sustainable attributes, such as Cemex's Vertua portfolio of products," said Gonzalo Galindo, head of Cemex Ventures. "As Cemex's open innovation unit, Cemex Ventures is dedicated to investing in solutions that promote construction that considers sustainability and advance the decarbonisation goals of our industry, as is reflected by our Green Construction investment pillar."

This investment strengthens Cemex's commitment to delivering customer-centric products and services. Moreover, this strategic investment bolsters Cemex Ventures' objective to foster the construction industry revolution by promoting the growth of digital solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency.

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