Tarmac & GMB Union talks over potential job losses amid proposed business changes

Tarmac has begun consulting with employees regarding proposed changes to its operational business that the GMB Union claims could lead to over 400 job losses. 
Quarry Products / March 21, 2023
By Guy Woodford
A Tarmac highway maintenance vehicle. Pic: Peter Fleming Dreamstime.com

While the major UK building materials supplier that only a “small percentage” of the company’s around 7,000-strong workforce are involved in the consultation, the GMB has accused Tarmac of ignoring its counter proposals to save jobs.
A spokesperson for Tarmac said: “A consultation process is underway with employees on proposed changes to the internal structure of our operational business, designed to make it more effective, create more consistent and nationally aligned structures in our frontline teams, and continue to provide our customers with our range of sustainable construction products, services and solutions.   
“As part of a consultation process, we are engaging with unions, including the GMB, on our proposals.  
“Tarmac employs around 7,000 people UK-wide, with a small percentage of our overall workforce involved in the current consultation process. Impacted employees will be fully supported throughout the process. 
“The safety of our employees is of paramount importance to us and remains central to all our business decisions.”
Dave Warwick, GMB Organiser, said: “Tarmac is a household name, trusted and respected across the building, manufacturing and construction industries. 
“Many customers will be scratching their heads about why the company is choosing to act in this way. Local managers are reporting back that these cuts are leaving them with a depleted and frankly dangerous staff level.
“Tarmac workers and GMB members are understandably worried about what these job cuts will mean for the company and where capacity to cover sick leave, holidays, and parental leave will come from. 
“This all while company top brass, including Tarmac’s owner CRH, are trousering eye-watering profits and pay packets. The highest-paid boss at CRH is on a reported £12.4million pay package, unimaginable wealth compared to the very workers they’re threatening with job losses. 
“Tarmac must step back from the brink on job losses, work with GMB and find a solution that works for its workforce.”

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