DXB Pump & Power delivers £900K mine dewatering pumps order via UK mining procurement firm

UK-based pump manufacturer DXB Pump & Power Limited has delivered an order of a dozen portable engine driven mine dewatering pumpsets via a London based procurement house to a global mining company, ensuring its open cast mine remains productive during the annual seasonal heavy rains.
Dewatering Pumps / March 8, 2019
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UK-based pump manufacturer DXB Pump & Power Limited has delivered an order of a dozen portable engine driven mine dewatering pumpsets to a global mining firm

The delivery for the 12 pumpsets powered by a combination of 395 Caterpillar and 455 Perkins Stage 3b engines, includes all the pumpsets being mounted on heavy duty trailers that would enable them to be moved around the mine easily behind their earth moving equipment as well as optional extras such as Wiggins fast fuelling systems, Storm & Stone Protection Systems and LED lighting and safety lights.

Designed and built in the UK at their new factory in Ipswich, eastern England, DXB Pump & Power has fast become a preferred supplier of mine dewatering pumps because of its use of the world leading pump ends from their partner Cornell Pump of the USA, and its ability to offer extremely heavy duty pumpsets at prices well below traditional larger manufacturers prices due to their highly efficient production facility and low corporate overheads.

Simon Ruffles, managing director of DXB Pump & Power, said “ To be selected for this size of contract ahead of our global competitors shows that mines are now looking for a more competitive supplier of high quality pumpsets that offer a low lifetime cost of ownership through lower initial purchase price and through the design of high efficiency pumpsets. Using pumps from Cornell in the USA which have hydraulic efficiencies some ten to fifteen percentage points higher than our competitors enables DXB Pump to do this.”

He continued “Using the Cornell pump, we are always able to achieve high flow rates and pressures without the need of using the largest engines enabling our customer base to save thousands on purchase price and running costs including those environmental costs we are all focusing on reducing.”

DXB Pump & Power has designed a range of pumpsets that offer flow rates of 400, 750 and 1000m3/hr at pressures up to 16 bar using CAT and 661 Scania engines built in open skid frames that can be shipped either in a normal 747 freighter or standard 20ft container.  

Being able to offer such pumpsets in their special “AeroPackage” means mines located anywhere in the world can airfreight the pumpsets without the need to charter specialist airplanes meaning the fastest delivery can be undertaken by DXB Pump & Power reducing delivery times and possible downtime on the mines as they weight for other types of pumpsets.

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