GAP Hire Solutions opts for Atlas Copco pumps

GAP Hire Solutions (GAP) has selected pumps from Atlas Copco Power and Flow for its new specialist pump services rental division.
Dewatering Pumps / June 2, 2022
By Liam McLoughlin
GAP has bought 10 Atlas Copco surface dewatering pumps for its new rental division
GAP has bought 10 Atlas Copco surface dewatering pumps for its new rental division

UK-based independent hire company GAP has made an £18m investment in the new division which includes the purchase of 10 bespoke Atlas Copco surface dewatering pumps of various sizes, including 4”, 6”, and 8” pumps.

To enhance the customer experience and meet environmental ambitions, GAP says it has created a high spec pump service.

“At GAP we work closely with our customers to understand what equipment they require and continually look to expand our portfolio and services as appropriate,” says Richard Broughton, head of pumps services at GAP. “We have entered the pump rental market with our pump services division and needed to source a pump OEM that could offer innovative solutions, with the ability to adapt, build, and supply a turnkey range of dewatering pumps.”

GAP Pump Services is currently operating from six locations nationwide in the United Kingdom in Tilbury, Derby, Tewkesbury, Bury St Edmunds, Warrington and Harthill with plans to open further facilities very soon.

GAP says that Atlas Copco's energy-efficient pumps are durable, provide excellent long-life high performance, and are easy to service.  

“We approached Atlas Copco and were incredibly impressed with their commitment to innovation and their ability to listen to and understand the market requirements from a modern pump rental business,” Broughton says. “We had some very specific demands, and Atlas Copco rose to the challenge.”

Colin Baker, regional sales manager UK & Ireland at Atlas Copco Power and Flow, says: “At Atlas Copco, we always try to accommodate our customers’ requirements and are as flexible as possible.

“GAP offered strong and loyal qualities and we are delighted to have been chosen to supply the pumps to their new division.”

GAP had various demands from the pumps so they would best meet the requirements of their customers. First, the pumps required engines compliant with the Stage V emissions regulations as well as being able to run on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel. The pumps also needed to have long-run fuel tanks so that GAP’s customers could remove the need for hiring external fuel tanks and therefore eliminate the risk of ground contamination. Furthermore, the pumps needed to include solar panels so they can charge batteries while on standby in remote locations.

Another key demand from the pumps was their ability to provide diagnostics. Atlas Copco pumps feature smart control panels, and the Innovative Build feature allows for exceptionally easy field service and maintenance so users can reduce downtime.

The pumps needed to be robust, with exceptional corrosion resistance, and so were supplied with galvanised frames. GAP also required the canopies to be painted in its livery and branding.

“Atlas Copco’s manufacturing facility in Italy worked hard to ensure all of the special conditions were met, appropriate testing had taken place, and the pumps were delivered in time. Already more than 200 pumps have been delivered,” says Saksham Dube, Atlas Copco divisional product manager surface pumps.

Atlas Copco’s pump range includes small portable pumps, electric submersible pumps, centrifugal drainage pumps, high head pumps and wellpoint surface pumps.

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