Thompson Pump distributor FPS buys American Sock & Dewatering

Thompson Pump has announced that its distributor Florida Pumping Solutions (FPS) is expanding its services with the acquisition of Northern Florida-based socking company American Sock & Dewatering.
Dewatering Pumps / May 16, 2023
By Liam McLoughlin
FPS says the addition of American Sock means it can now provide the full range of construction dewatering services
FPS says the addition of American Sock means it can now provide the full range of construction dewatering services

FPS is a distributor for Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of heavy-duty, diesel-powered bypass and dewatering pumps.

With the addition of American Sock, FPS says it is able to improve the customer experience by now providing the full range of construction dewatering services, from start to finish, including socking – a technique used to prevent water intrusion during excavation and construction, slurry pumping, bypass pumping, emergency response and more. This allows FPS to meet the unique North Florida challenges such as low-lying terrain, coastal areas and heavy rain and flooding which require effective dewatering and flood control solutions for construction, agriculture and other industries. FPS says it is excited to be at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge pumping services to clients, especially with the help of Thompson Pump.

“This move not only cements us as a leader in the pumping industry, but it ensures we are supplying even greater value to our customers – with more efficiency and faster project completion times, helping to cut down on costs,” said Jay Friemark, general manager at FPS. “With FPS and Thompson Pump’s products, our customers know they are getting the best service, most experienced crews, more reliable equipment and overall, the best value for their socking project.” Just like Thompson Pump, FPS prioritizes customer satisfaction through industry-leading knowledge, reliable equipment and customer service.

Thompson Pump provides multiple models of dewatering pumps with a focus on rotary and piston pumps, as well as vacuum-assisted models, for wellpoint and sock underdrain. All Thompson Pump products come with turnkey service from designing the system to installation, as well as maintenance of the system and pumps. As FPS expands with this acquisition, Thompson Pump will continue to impart expertise, education and training to the FPS team and will make additional dewatering pumps, equipment and accessories available.

“We are so excited for FPS and their acquisition of American Sock, and we look forward to supporting them in their growth,” said Chris Thompson, president of Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company.

FPS is headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida and offers a range of services including sales, rental and service of Thompson Pumps. 

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