New update delivers significant features for Epiroc SmartROC Tophammer cabin rigs

Valuable new features are now available to all Epiroc SmartROC Tophammer cabin rigs. These additions, accessed via a new version of Epiroc´s Rig Control System (RCS), will benefit the rigs with several improvements and a more stable RCS.
Breaking, Drilling & Blasting / June 10, 2024
By Guy Woodford
Valuable new features are now available to all Epiroc SmartROC Tophammer cabin rigs. Pic: Epiroc

SmartROC Tophammer cabin rigs can now access RCS version 6.27. The update will increase productivity, with the possibility of using features such as One Hole Automatic (OHA). The new version also delivers additional automation, which reduces wear on consumables and can save money. Furthermore, there will be an added value for customers as the update has the potential to increase the functionality of their existing SmartROC cabin rigs.


"Ulf Gyllander, Global Product Manager at Epiroc, said: "SmartROC T35, T40 and T45 will profit from these extra benefits due to this upgrade. The rigs will have access to improved drill plan handling, a possibility to enable auto hole reset, high altitude functionality, easier to read fuel consumption and improved information around drill functions related to anti-jamming in the display."


The new update for RCS enables OHA, which creates possibilities to drill down to the desired depth, adding rods automatically as required with minimal intervention from the operator. Once the hole is complete, the rig pulls up all the rods automatically. OHA is already available on SmartROC DTH machines, SmartROC CL and SmartROC C50. With the new RCS update, OHA is now available as an option on the SmartROC T35, T40 and T45. OHA increases automation, which means more time spent drilling and less time changing rods. It also delivers greater consistency in operations, which reduces wear on valuable consumables.


Mattias Hjerpe ,Global Product Manager at Epiroc, said: "SmartROC D50, D55, D60, D65 and SmartROC C50, already include many of the new benefits coming from this new RCS version. However, as a result of this upgrade, these rigs will feature an improved automatic rod-handling sequence which further optimizes One Hole Automation and minimizes operator input."

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