Screencore crushers & screeners turning French construction waste into profit

One of Europe's most recognised dealers of mobile crushers and screens is Starloc Auvergne (Starloc) in France. With a proud history dating back close to the beginning of mobile solutions, the company has embraced modern and advanced mobile crushing and screening, supplying Screencore equipment. The advanced ranges from the Ireland-headquartered manufacturer have found a particular niche in France, turning construction and demolition waste into valuable products.
Crushing Static & Mobile / September 28, 2023
By Guy Woodford
Screencore crushers and screeners are proving popular in France with customers looking to turn construction waste into profit. Pic: Screencore

French companies, particularly those involved in the demolition and recycling industries, were quick to see how Screencore material processing and handling equipment could aid their business operations. Screencore close working relationship with Starloc has led to compact Screencore XL tracked jaw crushers and Trident 124 screeners being used to recycle construction and demolition materials.

Starloc's adoption of Screencore equipment alongside its existing product portfolio directly points to the versatility and processing efficiency of the Screencore range. "The Screencore product range was developed to meet the needs of the modern contractor. We have set out to build to the highest standards equipment that helps people in the field be more profitable, efficient and effective in what they do.

"We have also incorporated environmental efficiency into our processes to minimise customers' carbon footprint. All this has meant that working with Starloc, particularly in servicing the complex construction materials recycling market in France, has seen Screencore equipment adopted at several sites, turning construction waste into reusable and/or resaleable products," says Screencore director Ciarán Ryan.

A Starloc-supplied compact crushing and screening combination that has proved itself numerous times has been the Screencore XL Dual-Power tracked jaw crusher working alongside (before or after) a Screencore Trident 124 scalper/screener. The features found in the modern, productive and environmentally friendly Screencore range have made processing demolition and construction waste relatively straightforward. 
"Quick set-up times, easily adjusted closed side settings, fuel efficiency (dual-power) and ease of transport are just some of the reasons contractors and recyclers have adopted Screencore equipment," explains Ryan.

To highlight how the Screencore equipment has been put to work, a typical application sees, in the first instance, a Screencore XL Dual-Power Crusher being fed the demolished or excavated material, usually by an excavator or loading shovel. The Screencore XL itself is a dual-power 700mm x 500mm (28″ x 20″) jaw crusher designed with a compact footprint. It has proved to be ideally suited to the modern demands of a recycling contractor, rental fleet or inner-city demolition/recycling site. It weighs in at just 18.25 tonnes, so it can be easily relocated without permits. It is designed to be environmentally and acoustically friendly while delivering impressive throughput even on hard rock applications or concrete with rebar.

Following crushing to -100mm, the material is fed into a 17-tonne Trident 124 scalper/screener to produce 0/25mm,25/60mm and +60mm products. In addition, any ferrous metals, such as rebar or wire, are easily removed for resale/recycling by the overband magnet on the XL crusher's discharge conveyor before being fed into the screen. In many applications, the 0/25mm material is generally used for pipe bedding; 25-60mm directly as road subbase or as feed material for secondary crushing for concrete production, whilst the +60mm is used as drainage stone. The combined set-up time for this crushing and screening combination is less than 30 minutes.

Due to the equipment's easily transportable and modern nature, French contractors and Starloc have found that the Screencore crusher and screen combination can be readily transported to where the material is. This means that the material can be processed where it originated and generally where it is needed, resulting in no unnecessary emissions, material handling or transport costs. In addition, the local environment is not subject to unnecessary traffic disturbances and the overall carbon footprint of the contract is dramatically reduced.  

"When we looked at supplying the Screencore range into France, the first company we spoke to was Starloc. Through our relationship with them, we have provided our compact, modern, productive and environmentally focused crushers, screens, trommels and stockpilers to contractors and recycling companies in France where and when they need them. Although possessing features that make them ideal for working in hard rock quarries and aggregate plants, the Screencore XL Dual-Power crusher and the Trident 124 scalper/screener are proving to be the perfect combination on many French construction and demolition projects," concludes Ryan.

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