Longer wear life & a more sustainable solution with new Sandvik Optitooth Premium jaw plates

As part of Sandvik's commitment and continued focus on developing products that benefit its customers through added value, the Swedish quarrying and mining equipment manufacturer says it is striving to increase its sustainability and lower its global carbon footprint.
Crushing Static & Mobile / June 22, 2022
By Guy Woodford
Sandvik says its new Optitooth Premium jaw plates offer customers big wear life and sustainability gains

As part of this and following the success of its Optitooth jaw plates range, Sandvik is launching its next aftermarket product, Optitooth Premium.

This innovative new offering combines the benefits of the original Optitooth with enhanced quality for longer life. It is manufactured with a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions, resulting in a much lower environmental impact.

Sandvik says that initial test results show that Optitooth Premium jaw plates last up to 10% longer than the standard Optitooth offering.

Sandvik Optitooth Premium jaw plates for Sandvik mobile crushers
Sandvik Optitooth Premium jaw plates are well suited to Sandvik's mobile jaw crusher range, including the pictured QJ241

A company spokesperson said: "Sandvik Optitooth jaw plates were designed primarily to increase wear life for our customers. We wanted to design a jaw plate that would last longer than your average jaw plate while bringing with it a number of customer benefits to optimise productivity and lower overall operating costs.

"The profile was designed for a higher percentage of the jaw to be utilised, resulting in longer wear and less manganese waste. It was redesigned to make it easier for removal, thereby reducing maintenance time and ultimately downtime, saving time and money.

"The improved profile also brings with it a number of additional benefits which all contribute to improved product shape. The unique profile was designed around the production of a more cubical material and reduction of elongated slab material, which can cause blocking issues for secondary cone crushers."

Sandvik says the key customer benefits of Optitooth Premium can be summarised as follows:

  • Longer wear life 

Average output increased by over 30% per hour, and wear life increased upwards of 40%.

  • Better fuel economy

In addition to the increased wear performance, customers have seen benefits in greater fuel economy. The improved transfer of material results in lower engine loading with faster material passage through the crushing chamber. Results are said to have proven an up to 15% fuel saving.

  • Improved product quality 

Improved design allows for better breakage and improved material flow, resulting in a more cubical and higher quality product shape.

  • Reduced service time 

The unique design makes the plates easier to turn over or replace, saving you time and money.

  • Increased production 

All of the above results in increased efficiency and higher productivity by up to 20%.

  • A more sustainable solution

Optitooth Premium is manufactured with a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions, lowering your carbon footprint.

Sandvik also has several ready-to-order Optitooth kits. These have been designed to simplify servicing and increase maintenance efficiency. Tailor-made, they are designed around the natural usage of the wear parts and offer all components customers need with just one part number.

All the necessary components are supplied with the kit to keep customers crushing chamber operating at optimal performance. 

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