Astec unveils new 8ft-wide PTSC2818VM portable high-frequency screen plant

Astec Industries’ Materials Solutions Group has designed and launched its newest portable high-frequency screen plant, the PTSC2818VM.
Screening Static & Mobile / July 28, 2022
By Guy Woodford
Astec's new PTSC2818VM portable high-frequency screen plant

The plant’s innovative design and size are a claimed first of its kind for the industry, featuring an 8-foot-wide high-frequency screen.

Astec’s newest PTSC plant is equipped with an 8’ x 18’ (2.4 x 5.5m) top deck and an 8’ x 12’ (2.4 x 3.7m) bottom deck. The patent-pending screen design features externally-mounted vibrators at the ends of the tappets for a more aggressive screening action. This unique design creates a higher G-force and reduces heat load from material to motors as compared to single, centre-mounted vibrators. It also allows for easier maintenance and adjustments. The screen is equipped with hydraulic operating angle adjustment, a fines collection hopper, top- and bottom-deck discharge chutes and an aggregate spreader.

Similar to other PTSC plants, the 2818VM features a nominal 54'' x 38'’ (137.16 x 96.52cm) delivery conveyor with a hydraulic drive and full-length skirtboards. The chassis is fitted with manually-operating support legs, outriggers for additional support and folding walkways along the screen.

The new portable plant is available with a variety of options, including steel screen cloth, vinyl dust cover, hydraulic levelling jacks, immersion heaters for hydraulic reservoirs, starters for three off-plant conveyors and more.

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