Xylem launches Godwin high-pressure dewatering pump

Water technology company Xylem has released a new dewatering pump which it says has been developed to significantly increase efficiency, cut costs, and minimise downtime for construction and mining customers. 
Washing & Water Management / June 26, 2023
By Liam McLoughlin
Xylem's new Godwin HL270M Dri-Prime Pump
Xylem's new Godwin HL270M Dri-Prime Pump

It adds that the Godwin HL270M Dri-Prime Pump is designed to meet the unique demands of deep-mine and high-pressure water transfers, and can deliver cost savings of up to 10% when compared with competing solutions. 

With greater hydraulic efficiency and optimized head and flow, it reduces the need for multiple pumps in series, lowers energy consumption, simplifies operations and maintenance, and minimizes premature wear. Field test participants have already used the pump to meet project goals with fewer assets, simpler operations, and reduced maintenance costs.

The solution, part of the Godwin Ultrahigh-head range, also enables operators to lower their carbon emissions.  

“Meeting the evolving needs of our customers is paramount,” said Mike Ramos, global product manager at Xylem. “The Godwin HL270M meets the unique demands of deep-mine and high-pressure water transfers. It allows our customers to go deeper and further while making operations more efficient, sustainable, and safe.

“This product is also a great example of sustainable business being smart business. The pump uses less power, reduces the need for multiple pumps, minimizes premature wear, and offers longer life between repairs.

Designed to meet the needs of mining, industrial, oil and gas, construction and emergency fire backup applications, the Godwin HL270M delivers a maximum head of 300 m (984 ft) and flows of up to 280 liters per second (4,400 gallons per minute). The pump also delivers hydraulic efficiency of up to 70% through its enclosed impeller.  

With extensive application flexibility, the product also handles a variety of fluids and liquids, including solids up to 30 mm (1.2 inches) in diameter. Available in both diesel and electric drive packages, it will also be offered as a retrofit package for installation on existing customer-owned pumps. All Godwin portable pumps are available with standard engines and motors compliant with regional emissions and efficiency legislation.

The pump is available with two standard material options – all duplex stainless steel as the primary offering and an option for cast steel pump casing paired with a duplex stainless-steel impeller.

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