BAA launches mixer rollover prevention programme

The British Aggregates Association (BAA) concrete division has launched an entry-level accredited Rollover Awareness and Prevention Programme (RAPP).
Ancillary Equipment / June 22, 2023
By Liam McLoughlin
BAA says mixer rollovers incidents are on the rise
BAA says mixer rollovers incidents are on the rise

The BAA says the programme, developed in conjunction with TVS Interfleet and McPhee Mixers, is the first collaborative step in the country to prevent Mixer rollovers. 

The course gives a greater understanding of Mixer rollovers and the preventative measures needed. The half-day course, which can be included in company inductions or refresher training for the more experienced drivers, helps to improve safety, raise awareness, reduce costs, and improve productivity. 

The interactive  course, developed by MinTrain with the support of McPhee Mixers, looks at root causes, allowing attendees to help influence change in reducing the number of Mixer rollovers the industry suffers. 

Mark Cowan, BAA director of transport, logistics and concrete, comments on the reasoning behind the course: "Throughout the wider industry, rollovers involving Mixers continue to be the one area of concern that's never been tackled. With the current figures for this year continuing to rise, we wanted to support members in providing an accessible course they could deliver themselves. Working with Lindsey at McPhee, we quickly realised that the course would benefit the broader industry as a minimum standard. We ran some early successful course pilots, and the feedback was excellent.”

Lindsey Rudd, group sales director at TVS Interfleet, said: “Mixer rollovers are very much a taboo subject in the concrete industry. They cause disruption, extensive damage, and even loss of life, yet they've come to be accepted by some, and we need to change that trend. 

"Rollovers are, unfortunately, on the rise, so as TVS Interfleet began to develop our McPhee Electric Mixer, we took the opportunity to highlight the simple root causes of these avoidable accidents through mechanical prevention and technology while working closely with MinTrain™ to better educate drivers.  If drivers are trained in preventing rollovers and the Mixer by design is more difficult to roll over, then ultimately, we can reduce these issues by tackling the cause at both driver and mixer levels."

Rudd added: Above all else and putting the innovation to one side, it's the right and moral thing to do. 

"We believe every driver, operator and Mixer company should take this training and product development as a paramount consideration in our shared goal of making the industry safer.”

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