Cummins opens new pilot installation facility in Germany

Cummins has opened a new Pilot Installation Centre at its Marktheidenfeld, Germany site. The Centre will specialise in vehicle and machinery in-use emissions compliance testing. This new facility enhances Cummins’ European customer support and vehicle testing capabilities across mainland Europe.
Ancillary Equipment / December 6, 2023
By Guy Woodford
Pictured left to right: Robert Cochanski (Executive Managing Director - CES EMEA and Global Doser Technology Business, Cummins), Jason Ward (European CSPI Leader Cummins), Sabine Sitter (County Main Spessart Kreis), Thomas Stamm (Mayor of Marktheidenfeld) and Heiko Rudloff (Leader of the Works Council at CMHF). Pic: Cummins

The Pilot Installation Centre will support the product development of Cummins’ renowned internal combustion engine technology, including advanced diesel engines and aftertreatment systems meeting the latest emissions requirements.


The $1.7mn (€1.59mn) investment sees a 500m2 extension of the existing Cummins Emission Solutions facility, expanding Cummins’ portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) testing, field trial support and re-power capabilities. 


Helen Carr, Pilot Centre Group Leader at Cummins, said: “We are delighted to open this new Centre to meet the growing requirement for in-use emissions testing as we work towards future emissions standards. This strategic investment will deliver expanded service to our customers and support Cummins’ existing Technical Operations functions in Europe. Its central location enables greater connectivity with our partners throughout the region, and we’re looking forward to supporting current and new customers from this site.”


As part of Euro VI and Stage V regulations, Cummins must conduct in-use emissions testing to ensure its products continue to meet regulated emissions levels when operating in the field. These tests use specialist PEMS equipment, which measures emissions as the vehicle operates on approved routes or a set duty cycle. The location of the new Pilot Installation Centre enables Cummins to make the most of nearby legislator-approved test sites, providing grounds and road routes.

Cummins sign
The Marktheidenfeld, Germany facility extends Cummins’ European Technical Organisation portfolio, providing a sister site to the Darlington, UK, Pilot Installation Centre. Pic: Cummins


The new facility extends the offering of Cummins’ European Technical Organisation, providing a sister site to the Darlington, UK, Pilot Installation Centre that has been in operation for more than 20 years serving hundreds of customers. The Marktheidenfeld Pilot Installation Centre will be equipped to repower on and off-highway applications, such as trucks, buses, excavators and wheel loaders, with current and new Cummins engines. It has the capability and capacity to work on multiple vehicles simultaneously. 


Robert Cochanski Rodriguez, Executive Managing Director at Cummins Emission Solutions EMEA, adds: “Cummins has developed and manufactured innovative dosing technology at Marktheindenfeld for more than ten years, and we are proud to be a key contributor to our local economy. We are thrilled to extend the site to include a new Pilot Installation Centre - together, the facilities will be home to more than 390 employees across a range of production and business-support roles. Our investment highlights Cummins’ ongoing commitment to our customers, the wider community, and continued technical innovation in sustainable power products.”


Cummins’ existing Marktheidenfeld facility is a flagship site for Cummins Emission Solutions products, including the design and manufacture of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) dosing systems, a critical part of the emissions controls for diesel engines. SCR doser technology is a key enabler for the performance and durability of SCR aftertreatment systems and has been a significant growth opportunity for Cummins over the last decade. 


Sabine Sitter, Head of Main-Spessart County, Germany, adds, “Since 2012, Cummins has continuously expanded the site in Marktheidenfeld, including a new building for production and development in the Schlossfeld industrial area. This means that Cummins is now one of the key companies in the Main-Spessart district. A real success story to which a new chapter has now been added with the inauguration of the Pilot Centre, and for which I hope that more will follow. We, as the district office, are happy to support this.”


The official opening of the Pilot Centre included a ribbon-cutting ceremony held on November 16th, 2023, attended by Sabine Sitter, Head of Main-Spessart County, Thomas Stamm, Mayor of Marktheidenfeld and Cummins leadership.


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