DEUTZ completes deal to acquire stake in Blue World Technologies

DEUTZ continues to expand its activities in alternative powertrains after completing due diligence on its two-tranche investment in Blue World Technologies.
Ancillary Equipment / December 16, 2021
By Guy Woodford
DEUTZ HQ in Cologne, Germany

The full deal is expected to be completed in the first half of 2022, subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approval.

DEUTZ is investing a total of €7.5 million to take an 11.91% stake in Blue World Technologies (Blue World). Based in Aalborg, Denmark, Blue World develops, manufactures and sells fuel cell stacks, reformers, and systems. The collaboration centres on an exclusive agreement to distribute and service stationary fuel cell gensets powered by methanol.

“The investment in Blue World Technologies is a perfect fit for our sustainable growth strategy,” says DEUTZ’s CEO, Dr. Frank Hiller.

The investment of DEUTZ made together with an investment of Vaektsfonden, the Danish Growth Fund, will allow Blue World to set up further automated handling processes throughout production throughout 2022. These will increase its production capacity to commence volume production toward the end of next year.  

Dr. Hiller added: “At the DEUTZ Days 21 in November, we unveiled our new ‘Green’ reporting segment to the public. We also presented the Blue World products to our customers. The interest we have been able to generate from this event has been overwhelming. Fuel cells that run on ‘green’ methanol will enable a faster transition to carbon-neutral operation because this is a liquid fuel compatible with existing infrastructure. DEUTZ is thus making further headway with new technologies that will move it beyond the conventional engine to offer climate-neutral solutions for the off-highway segment. The Blue World investment is another step along the way to achieving the growth target for our ‘Green’ segment.”

“Our collaboration with DEUTZ has kicked off very well, and we have experienced a strong interest from the DEUTZ partners in our methanol fuel cell technologies”, Anders Korsgaard, CEO and co-founder of Blue World, explains. He added: “Within the last couple of years, we have seen global market leaders invest heavily throughout the methanol value-chain, from production to utilisation. With the increasing focus on the production of green methanol, the timing for this collaboration between DEUTZ and Blue World is perfect”.

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