Kohler Energy accelerates clean energy vision & expands offering with new hydrogen solutions

Kohler Energy has showcased its new hydrogen KDI engine and its first-ever hydrogen fuel cell power system, expanding an ever-growing portfolio of clean energy solutions.
Ancillary Equipment / November 14, 2023
By Guy Woodford
Kohler Energy has showcased its new hydrogen KDI engine and its first-ever hydrogen fuel cell power system. Pic: Kohler

Building off the recent announcement of Kohler Co. establishing Kohler Energy as an independent company, this news further accelerates Kohler Energy’s strategy to provide the broadest range of clean energy and hydrogen-ready solutions for off-highway equipment and standby and prime power applications for residential and industrial solutions from 20kw to 5MW+.


“This marks an exciting moment in the future of our energy company,” says Brian Melka, Group President – Kohler Energy. “As governments, businesses, and individuals look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, we’re likewise pursuing ways to positively contribute to decarbonisation through new technologies and advanced engineering to develop solutions that utilise clean energy sources. We believe we can provide the broadest array of solutions, especially in hydrogen, given our unique footprint across diverse end markets.”


Alongside HVO and e-fuels, Kohler Energy is committed to investing in innovative engine technologies that improve energy efficiency and significantly reduce environmental impact while still meticulously tailored to the diverse spectrum of machinery requirements. As such, the hydrogen internal combustion engine will be applied to the KDI 2504 TCR, with the ability to provide the same performance and power density as the starting diesel engines but using a carbon-neutral solution.


Additionally, Kohler Energy’s industrial business will launch its first hydrogen fuel cell power system, a 100 kW Solid Polymer Electrolyte Membrane fuel cell. It will use green hydrogen for emergency backup, peak shaving and demand response. The system suits many mission-critical power users, including hospitals, data centres, utilities, ports and water treatment plants.


Kohler's new hydrogen KDI engine was unveiled at the Agritechnica trade show in Hanover, Germany, yesterday (13 November 2023). Field testing of the new hydrogen KDI engine with the hydrogen fuel cell power system will begin in early 2024.


For more information about the Kohler fuel cell system, please visit: https://www.kohlerenergy.com/powersystems/en/hydrogen-fuel-cells

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