New SSAB-Sjørring partnership paves the way for buckets made of fossil-free steel

Sjørring, a Danish manufacturer of attachments for heavy machinery, is partnering with Nordic steel producer SSAB to contribute to a more sustainable future. The partnership revolves around SSAB Fossil-free steel, which is targeted to be released on a commercial scale in 2026. With this partnership, Sjørring stands out as one of the pioneers set to produce buckets made of emission-free steel.
Ancillary Equipment / April 16, 2024
By Guy Woodford
Sales Manager at SSAB, Jesper Ryhl, CEO at Sjørring, Klaus Kalstrup, and Head of Sales & Supply Chain at Sjørring, Andreas Kjaer, are pleased with the new partnership that will push the construction equipment industry in a more sustainable direction. PIC: SSAB- Sjørring

Every year, the Danish manufacturer Sjørring uses 15,000 tonnes of steel to produce attachments for construction machinery for brands worldwide like Steelwrist, Hitachi, Volvo and Epiroc. The manufacturer does so knowingly that the steel industry ranks among the top carbon emitters, accounting for 7% of all emissions globally. Now, Sjørring has partnered with steel producer SSAB to minimise its carbon emission footprint and be part of the transition to a fossil-free value chain.

"At Sjørring, we recognise the environmental impact of our production processes and raw material consumption. That's why we're actively seeking ways to mitigate our footprint. Partnering with SSAB is one such step," explains Klaus Kalstrup, CEO at Sjørring.

The fossil-free partnership was formalised by the signing of a Letter of Intent stating that Sjørring will get deliveries of SSAB Fossil-free steel starting in 2026.

Sjørring has partnered with steel producer SSAB to minimise its carbon emission footprint and be part of the transition to a fossil-free value chain. Pic: Sjørring

In addition to the fossil-free partnership with SSAB, Sjørring is already committed to reducing its CO2 emissions. The company joined the Science Based Targets initiative in 2022, with the goal of achieving zero emissions by 2040.

The new partnership between Sjørring and SSAB revolves around SSAB's Fossil-free steel, based on the new HYBRIT technology, which uses fossil-free hydrogen instead of fossil fuels like coke and coal to directly reduce iron ore.

As a fossil-free partner to SSAB, Sjørring will gain access to SSAB Fossil-free steel starting in 2026. However, Sjørring is already using another type of emission-free steel called SSAB Zero, made of recycled steel and produced with fossil-free electricity and biogas. Sjørring expects to deliver the first bucket made of SSAB Zero steel in the second quarter of 2024.

SSAB has supplied Sjørring with reinforced Hardox steel since the early 1980s. Therefore, the Swedish steel producer did not hesitate to offer Sjørring the fossil-free partnership.

"It's important to us that our fossil-free partners share our values, as we consider ethical, social, and environmental responsibility essential to our operations. Sjørring's innovative and responsible way of doing business made them an obvious partner. We are happy to welcome Sjørring to our growing fossil-free family and look forward to continuing our long-lasting relationship," says Jesper Ryhl, Sales Manager at SSAB.

The fossil-free partnership is geared towards transforming the steel industry by supporting the adoption of fossil-free steel with radically reduced CO2 footprints. SSAB has taken the lead in decarbonising the steel industry, and Sjørring is aligned with their efforts.

"I'm confident that fossil-free steel will become the new standard – it's just a matter of time as the market increasingly demands sustainable solutions. That's why we encourage OEMs and attachment dealers to prepare for a more sustainable future, especially if they aspire to be first movers. We remain committed to pushing ourselves, our suppliers, and our customers towards greener industry standards, as we firmly believe that decarbonisation is essential for minimising environmental impact," says Andreas Kjaer, Head of Sales & Supply Chain at Sjørring.

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