Screencore introduces 380 Dual Drive

Screencore is introducing 380 Dual Drive - a versatile, eco-friendly stockpiling solution.
Ancillary Equipment / August 7, 2023
By Guy Woodford
Screencore's new 380 Dual Drive is a versatile, eco-friendly stockpiling solution. Pic: Screencore

The Ireland-headquartered manufacturer's latest addition to its range of mobile and tracked stockpilers has been designed to provide excellent mobility and stockpiling capacity while providing an eco-friendly, fuel-efficient solution. 

The 24m (80ft) Screencore 380 stockpiler comes with the Screencore Dual Drive functionality that enables the stockpiler to operate with power provided by a crusher or screen, resulting in significantly less expensive and more environmentally friendly operations as only one power source is used.


Screencore has produced a range of tracked and wheeled stockpiling conveyors that can be tailored for specific applications. They are designed to be highly transportable and durable and offer features such as twin drives, check valves and heavy-duty hopper feeders. These have been specifically developed to help construction, recycling, quarrying and surface mining operations, delivering a solution to handle bulk materials on any site. Screencore’s existing range of stockpilers comes with power solutions to suit various customer requirements. However, Screencore has added to its flexible, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly range with stockpilers that can run electrically or hydraulically. 


The key feature of the 24m 380 Dual Drive lies in its unique conveyor drive system, which can easily switch from an electric drive motor on one side of the conveyor to a hydraulic drive motor on the opposite side. The onboard 55kW Cat engine powers the hydraulic drive. This groundbreaking capability empowers operators to choose the most suitable and readily available power source, all while enjoying the convenience of a fully tracked mobile unit.  


When connected to the electrical outlet of the Dual-Power Screencore XJ jaw crusher, for instance, the stockpiler can run efficiently at virtually zero additional cost, offering a cost-effective solution for materials handling. Moreover, this intelligent integration can be extended to other crushers or screens with spare electrical capacity, eliminating the need for an extra engine and significantly contributing to carbon reduction efforts.


Screencore intends to add to its range of Dual Drive stockpilers shortly and continue offering Dual Power functionality to all its product offerings. “At Screencore, we are dedicated to driving innovation with a focus on sustainable practices. The 380 Dual Drive is a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that align with our carbon reduction objectives. By offering the 380 Dual Drive, we aim to not only enhance operational flexibility for our customers but also contribute to environmental preservation,” said Ciarán Ryan, Screencore's sales director. He added: “Our teams’ dedication to developing eco-friendly equipment remains unwavering, and we are excited to see how this innovation can make a positive impact on various industries.”

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