C60 drives profitability improvement for ready mix concrete producers

During this week's CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, C60 is unveiling its flagship C60 Opportunity Platform, enabling ready-mix concrete (RMC) producers to identify and drive profitability improvement.
A concrete ready mix plant. Pic: Maksim Safniuk Dreamstime.com

Said to be the first of its kind in delivering instant efficiency and productivity information, C60 provides RMC producers with an innovative opportunity to find savings potentials across their entire business with easy-to-read, actionable insights. Real-time insights and analytics allow producers to make informed decisions based on data rather than guesswork. RMC businesses can instantly gain answers that maximise profitability and operational efficiency.

"We created C60 to enable RMC producers to see the most valuable opportunities in their business in 60 seconds or less," said company CEO Ramy Sedra. "We look across their entire business, from materials, production, delivery to sales, to see how they can do more with less. C60 is a groundbreaking software backed by the human touch from hands-on RMC experts."

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C60 gives RMC producers an innovative opportunity to find savings across their business

C60's co-inventors spent decades optimising more than 1,500 ready-mix plants in 30 countries. Together, they developed hundreds of techniques to improve the profitability of ready-mix plants. C60 has packed this expertise into this first-of-a-kind opportunity platform. 

The RMC industry will benefit from this pioneering technology as C60's co-founders have previously identified more than $20 million in possible savings opportunities. This is said to translate into more than 50 million cubes of ready-mix concrete volume that could be impacted and more than $1 - $5 savings opportunities per cube. C60's reach is far, and the opportunities for savings are vast for RMC producers, ultimately transforming the industry.

C60's customers are ready-mix general managers, operational managers, company presidents and leaders. The company believes that to help them drive profitability improvement requires innovative software and a team of amazing ready-mix people. C60's customer success team comprises experts with decades of RMC experience to support and coach its customers to get the most out of C60 and provide results to their bottom line.

C60's advanced analytics identifies inefficiencies across an entire RMC business with dollar-quantified insights and specific improvement actions that can help save money while giving customers greater precision and better results.

This new software works with small and large RMC producers as the business intelligence is supplied holistically across all operations. Moreover, C60 is considered platform agnostic. It enables producers to pull data across the different RMC systems they use to bring a holistic view of their business. As a result, C60 can integrate across industry systems and does not favour one system over another. 

A great feature is that the system is plug-and-play, so no additional IT experience is required. RMC producers can easily connect their existing systems to C60's safe, secure and reliable cloud using our pre-built connectors. The producer always remains the owner and in control of all their data. C60 also integrates with various RMC software solutions, such as Command Alkon, Jonel, Marcotte, Stonemont, and others, as C60 continuously adds new connectors. 

This new company has been built by leveraging the expertise of its parent company, Heidelberg Materials. C60 is the culmination of Heidelberg Material's vision to expand its offering to include digital solutions to the ready-mix concrete industry. 

"Customers have relied on Heidelberg Materials for 150 years to provide aggregates and cement, and now they can leverage that relationship with C60 for digital capabilities to optimise their business," said Sedra.

It's important to note that C60 is an independently run company with its own management team. C60 can work with any RMC company and does not share information with Heidelberg Materials.

"Data privacy is at the heart of our business," said Sedra. "Data is stored in C60's safe, secure and reliable cloud. We do not share data between C60 and Heidelberg Materials. In fact, those protections are defined in our client contracts."

For an RMC producer to maximise profitability and operations, it requires a focus on improving production processes, improving logistics and delivery, minimising waste and monitoring performance. C60's technology provides a step to achieve these goals.

C60 drives RMC companies to move to the next level of efficiency and profitability. By looking at all aspects of an RMC plant, improvements and changes can be identified to help with industry environmental goals of reducing CO2 emission levels by 2030. This even includes optimising the use of cement which helps reduce the levels of CO2 emissions.

We're more than a software company - we're ready-mix experts. Learn more about us! C60 was an Expert's Choice Award winner for sustainable innovations in the Innovative Product Awards.

C60 is at Booth C32130 at CONEXPO-CON/AGG (March 14 – 18), demonstrating how its state-of-the-art, cloud-based analytics technologies help RMC customers do more with less.

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