CEMEX Philippines goes digital in the 'new normal'

CEMEX Philippines has stepped up its use of digital technology to support business operations amid the challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Concrete Plants, Equipment & Applications / September 11, 2020
By Liam McLoughlin
More remote payments are being made through the CEMEX Go digital platform
More remote payments are being made through the CEMEX Go digital platform

The cement manufacturer says the adjustment from having in-person meetings to virtual ones is now more widely practiced, while its CEMEX Go digital platform is increasingly used for remote payments.

CEMEX Philippines adds that its area sales managers (ASMs) have been working to construct their own ‘new normal’ by maintaining connections with their clients through the use of video conferencing tools.

With these digital tools, they can schedule their sales calls and answer any queries that clients may have. Even without physical client visits, they are still able to onboard their clients by conducting presentations through screen-sharing.

The ASMs also continue to leverage using CEMEX Go for both their existing and new clients. Launched in the Philippines in October 2018, CEMEX Go is the company’s integrated digital platform which allows clients to manage their orders online, track their shipments, and transact payments via smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

Although already in use before the enhanced community quarantine, the manufacturer says CEMEX Go has proved to be even more helpful now as online payment transactions are encouraged to lessen the chances of going out to pay in banks and payment centres. In partnership with local banks, CEMEX is now able to collect payments online. One client said: “Our accountant or messengers benefit from this as they don’t need to line up at the bank to pay, as for me, I have less checks to write and sign.”

CEMEX Go also gives detailed information and analysis which CEMEX says can help customers effectively manage their businesses, therefore helping them make better business decisions. It adds that having such a platform has been beneficial to many in that administrative tasks have been easily automated.

Internal ASM meetings have been coordinated remotely among team members.

Construction is essential to the rebooting of the economy as it builds infrastructure, and CEMEX says its sales team "remains fully committed to excellent client support through CEMEX Go, through digital refresher sessions, client servicing via video conferencing, and beyond."

While there is still much uncertainty lying ahead as businesses figure out how to navigate the “new normal”, CEMEX Philippines customer experience director Vina Del Rosario said: “I’m confident that digitisation will greatly improve the way we work moving forward, as we want to prioritise the health and safety of both our employees and clients.

"Digitisation will also pave the way for the cement industry to have its presence more strongly felt by many."

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