Cemex strengthens electric vehicle fleet with Putzmeister iONTRON ready-mix trucks

Cemex Germany has continued to invest in more sustainable transport for its products by acquiring fully electric truck mixers from Putzmeister. Set to become part of Cemex Germany's Berlin truck mixer fleet, the iONTRON machines were presented to the company by Putzmeister at its facility in Wandlitz in Brandenburg.
Concrete Plants, Equipment & Applications / September 13, 2023
By Guy Woodford
The iONTRON machines were presented to Cemex Germany representatives by Putzmeister at its facility in Wandlitz in Brandenburg. Pic: Cemex Germany

The two vehicles are the first from the manufacturer Putzmeister to be used by Cemex globally. They will deployed in Cemex Germany's ready-mix concrete plants in Spandau and Hohenschönhausen.

"We are reducing emissions throughout our value chain, and transport plays an important role. For example, we are investing in electrifying our vehicle fleet at our sites throughout Germany," said Marcel Busch, director of Materials at Cemex Germany. "Additionally, the iONTRON eMixer offers high safety standards and noise emissions."

Karsten Struckmann, global key account director from Putzmeister, said: "Our iONTRON eMixer stands for concrete transport with less environmental impact. With it, we want to enable our customers to become independent of conventional fuels to act more sustainably and responsibly. The positive reactions to our iONTRON product family make it clear that sustainability and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important in the construction sector."

Cemex Germany's new Putzmeister iONTRON eMixers. Pic: Cemex Germany 

The iONTRON eMixer is fully electrically powered, reducing carbon emissions by up to 100% depending on the local electricity mix. During vehicle operation, the 315 kW e-motor produces no carbon emissions, either when driving to or working on the construction site, which can help urban air quality. The electric drive also significantly reduces the noise level; the almost silent driving operation offers advantages, especially where strict noise protection regulations apply, such as in conurbations. The payload is the same as that of a conventional truck mixer.

Thanks to innovative technology, the battery capacity of the iONTRON eMixer is 350 kWh. One battery charge is sufficient for a full workday of around eight hours with five to six tours in inner-city traffic. The eMixer can be easily charged in between for more trips, thanks to a standard CCS/Combo 2 plug. It recovers its full battery capacity overnight at a DC charging station in the ready-mix concrete plant.

This project is part of Cemex's Future in Action program, which focuses on achieving sustainable excellence through climate action, circularity, and natural resource management to become a net-zero CO₂ company by 2050.

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