Hoffmann Green Cement becomes WCA corporate member

French low-carbon cement manufacturer Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies has become a corporate member of the World Cement Association (WCA).
Concrete Plants, Equipment & Applications / September 18, 2023
By Liam McLoughlin
Hoffmann's products include a breakthrough decarbonated cement with 0% clinker. Image: Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies
Hoffmann's products include a breakthrough decarbonated cement with 0% clinker. Image: Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies

Founded in 2014, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies’ founders began their business with the intention to drive the construction sector's environmental evolution by producing the world’s first low-carbon cement and offer a replacement to traditional cement. This initiative was successful, and gained recognition by the French President, Emmanuel Macron, who celebrated its achievements during his visit to the laboratory in 2016.

Hoffmann has introduced a range of four cutting-edge technological products: H-P2A, H-UKR, H-EVA, H-IONA, all designed to modify the composition of cement to lower its carbon footprint. Through its cold manufacturing process, low energy consumption, it has created a breakthrough decarbonated cement with 0% clinker.

Hoffmann's commitment extends to promoting a circular economy within its sustainable practices. By utilising local resources and industry co-products in its cement production process, the company preserves natural resources. Additionally, the firm is committed to reforestation, aiming to sequester carbon by planting 10,000 trees in Occitania, France. These efforts have been recognised through awards such as the Horizon 2020 label for Research and Innovation in Europe.

"In light of the escalating global demand for low-carbon concrete solutions, we firmly believe that the inclusion of Hoffmann’s team and their insights will be an invaluable asset to our membership network," comments WCA CEO Ian Riley. "We believe it’s important for low-carbon cement to be further adopted globally, and hope that this collaboration will help fast track this mission."

Thomas Atkinson, Hoffmann’s head of international development, acommented: "Our alliance with the WCA marks a pivotal step forward in our ongoing journey to redefine the construction landscape. We resonate with the WCA’s goals to implement sustainable practices within the cement and wider industry, and we are looking forward to introducing our innovative solutions and expertise to its global audience to further enhance this critical agenda."

The 6th WCA Annual Conference and Exhibition will take place from 24-25 October 2023 at the Emirates Towers in Dubai, UAE.

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