Holcim launches 'Accelerating Green Growth' strategy

Holcim has unveiled its “Strategy 2025 – Accelerating Green Growth” sustainability initiative.
Concrete Plants, Equipment & Applications / November 19, 2021
By Liam McLoughlin
CEO Jan Jenisch says Holcim plans to lead in green building solutions including its ECOPact green concrete and energy-efficient roofs
CEO Jan Jenisch says Holcim plans to lead in green building solutions including its ECOPact green concrete and energy-efficient roofs

The building materials giant says the strategy will help it to become the global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, after the company met its “Strategy 2022” objectives one year in advance.

Holcim adds that “Accelerating Green Growth” will enable it to achieve profitable growth across all its businesses, fuelled by sustainability and innovation. The company says it will accelerate the expansion of the solutions & products business to reach 30% of group sales, positioning itself in the most attractive segments of the construction value chain with new technologies.

Holcim CEO Jan Jenisch said: “We delivered what we promised with our Strategy 2022 one year in advance, setting strong foundations for our next era of growth. With our new level of performance, we have the firepower to invest in Solutions & Products to make it 30% of our company, while leading the way in green building solutions from ECOPact green concrete to energy-efficient roofs."

Holcim says that, with today’s megatrends, from the rise in population and urbanisation to improving living standards, the construction sector has never been more attractive.

The company adds that profitable growth will be driven by innovative building solutions, from ECOPact green concrete to energy-efficient roofing systems.

Holcim says it will reach 30% of its group net sales in solutions & products. Growing closer to its customers, this business will expand its range of integrated solutions and systems from construction and energy efficiency to repair and refurbishment. The company adds that this builds on its acquisition of roofing systems provider Firestone Building Products, as a new growth and innovation engine for the company.

Roofing sales are already delivering double-digit growth in the US$50bn global flat roofing market and Holcim says this will double to US$4bn by 2025 with strategic investments and acquisitions.

The company adds that sustainability is at the core of its strategy, with the industry’s first 2050 net-zero targets, endorsed by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). It says that 25% of its ready-mix net sales coming from the green ECOPact line, ranging from 30% to 100% lower CO2 footprint.

The company plans to recycle 75 million tons of materials across its business including 10 million tons of construction & demolition waste by 2025. Holcim says it will continue to deploy smart technologies, from 3D printing using 70% less materials to green mineral components like calcined clay, and that it will further develop next-generation technologies including 30 pilot projects in carbon capture, utilisation and storage, in line with its target to operate at least one net-zero plant by 2030.

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