TopWerk Group backs carbon-negative Partanna as a concrete industry "game-changer"

German-based concrete manufacturing equipment and technology company TOPWERK Group has officially endorsed Partanna Global’s carbon-negative binder technology as the number one green alternative to traditional Portland cement.
Concrete Plants, Equipment & Applications / January 25, 2024
By Liam McLoughlin
Topwerk's endorsement of Partanna's carbon-negative binder technologu is part of a collaboration agreement between the two companies, announced at this month's World of Concrete conference in Las Vegas
Topwerk's endorsement of Partanna's carbon-negative binder technologu is part of a collaboration agreement between the two companies, announced at this month's World of Concrete conference in Las Vegas

As part of a collaboration agreement between the two companies, announced this month at the World of Concrete conference in Las Vegas, TopWerk is formally endorsing Partanna as the most advanced green concrete solution in the market.

TOPWERK says it recognises Partanna’s carbon negative binder as a direct, plug-and-play replacement solution to Portland cement, that is fully compatible with its own machines.

Partanna has also confirmed its plans to use TopWerk machinery for its first four factories globally (as a start). The exclusive agreement spans an initial term of three years with a global scope. As part of the partnership agreement, TopWerk will formally endorse Partanna to its existing global customer base, with a view to moving them from Portland cement to Partanna’s carbon negative binder.

TOPWERKS's endorsement follows a recent announcement by global real estate developer ROSHN that it intends to invest into a new facility in Saudi Arabia, utilising Partanna’s technology. In concrete production, Portland cement is the binder that holds together aggregates, allowing for the formation of durable structures.

It is the world’s most used commodity after water and its production is responsible for 9% of the world’s emissions.

Partanna’s patented process for concrete production negates the need for Portland cement. Instead, the company uses an alternative binder – made from natural recycled ingredients – which cures at room temperature.  The binder components in Partanna consume CO₂ as they cure, removing carbon from the atmosphere in the process.

This process ensures that Partanna building materials are carbon negative. Concrete made with Partanna is just as affordable, versatile and durable as Portland cement-based concrete. Concrete producers can produce carbon negative building materials by swopping out Portland cement for Partanna. No special equipment or aggregates or required.

Robert Gruss, CEO of Topwerk Group, said: "The construction industry has used cement as a major material since the Roman age, and in particular since the start of industrialisation. Today, the classical cement industry alone is one of the strongest CO₂ pollutants globally. We believe our exclusive partner Partanna has come up with a truly impressive solution that can contribute to putting this practice to an end."

Gruss added that Partanna’s carbon negative binder is the most advanced alternative binder solution in the market and the only credibly carbon negative solution that has the potential to scale globally.

"Over the last two years, we have rigorously tested their formula and have validated its application as a direct replacement solution for Portland cement. In many ways, their binder actually performs better than the legacy solution," Gruss said.

"We believe that Partanna is not just an alternative to Portland cement, but can be a major part of the future of the concrete industry. Our endorsement reflects our absolute confidence in their technology and its potential to transform the market. This why we have joined hands in an exclusive cooperation.”

Topwerk Group is the umbrella company of a major group of companies in the field of machines and plants for the industrial production of concrete products. Its brands include Hess Group, Hess AAC Systems, SR Schindler, Masa Group and Prinzing Pfeiffer.

Rick Fox, CEO and co-founder of Partanna Global, said: “Topwerk's endorsement of Partanna represents a major vote of confidence in our technology from one of the most respected names in global construction.

"We’re humbled and proud that one of the world’s leading concrete machinery producers has given us their backing. We hope this signals to the industry that Portland cement is no longer the only solution in town, and that the days of burning rocks are fast coming to an end.”

Partanna's building material has been independently verified by Intertek, a leading international product testing and certification firm. Partanna says this verification confirms that its unique product meets and sometimes exceeds key ASTM standards, ensuring structural integrity and safety.