ACI updates concrete field testing workbook 

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) has released a new, 40th edition of its most popular certification publication, CP-1: Technician Workbook for ACI Certification of Concrete Field Testing Technician --  Grade I.
Concrete Plants, Equipment & Applications / February 3, 2022
By Ben Spencer
American Concrete Institute CP-1: Technician Workbook for ACI Certification of Concrete Field Testing Technician --  Grade I
The new workbook includes colour photos, diagrams and visual aids (image credit: The American Concrete Institute)

The ACI says the newly released edition takes a significantly different and enhanced approach to preparing potential candidates for ACI certification as Concrete Field Testing Technicians.

According to the ACI, the concrete construction industry has increasingly employed the ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician certification for nearly four decades as a credential requirement for new hires, many of whom are entirely new to the industry.

To support this use, ACI has modified the educational approach and content of the new CP-1 Workbook to present the responsibilities of Technicians as described by the Job Task Analysis, developed by ACI Certification Committee C610 – Concrete Field Technician Certification

It provides background and clearer context for the standard procedures and test methods successful certification candidates are qualified to perform in the field, the institute adds. 

John W. Nehasil, managing director, certification at ACI, says: “The new workbook includes colour photos, diagrams and visual aids; plus tips, best practices, cautions, and reminders to help candidates understand the ‘what’ and ‘why’ behind correct fresh concrete testing. The Institute has introduced increased flexibility in the formatting and delivery of the educational materials and we’re eager to provide this new, 40th edition workbook to certification candidates.”

All content is compliant with ASTM standards versions referenced on the certification programme description page. Reprints of ASTM Standards referenced by the program are no longer included in the workbook. For more in-depth basic concrete technology, CP-1 may be purchased as a package with ACI CCS-0, Concrete Fundamentals.

The Institute is in the process of translating the new CP-1 Workbook into Spanish, along with 10 additional ACI Certification programme publications. 

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