A new Komatsu WA600-8 “Stone Handler” delivered to Arthur Scheuermann GmbH

A few months ago, the fleet of Arthur Scheuermann GmbH in Kleinrinderfeld, Germany, was further strengthened by the purchase of a Komatsu WA600-8 “Stone Handler”, that will break down and transport shell limestone blocks. Sold and delivered by Schlüter für Baumaschinen, Germany’s largest distributor of Komatsu premium products, the robust and powerful wheel loader will advance shell limestone excavation in Arthur Scheuermann GmbH’s quarry.
October 17, 2022
The Komatsu WA600-8 in its stone handling specification perfectly adapts to the special requirements of this application.
The Komatsu WA600-8 in its stone handling specification perfectly adapts to the special requirements of this application.

Scheuermann Natursteinwerk – A leading provider of products made from local natural stone

Arthur Scheuermann GmbH (Managing Director Martin Scheuermann) is a member of Scheuermann Natursteinwerk Group, and has its headquarters in Kleinrinderfeld near Würzburg (Bavaria). Its main business is excavating and processing shell limestone, sandstone, Main sandstone and dolomite. Scheuermann was established in 1920 as a haulage company, primarily carrying natural stone. The excavation of natural stone was added over the years. Its own quarries were added slowly but surely, with its first stone processing plant acquired in 1978. From then on, the company was able to directly process the excavated cut stone into building materials.

Opening and acquiring new quarries and plants has made Scheuermann one of today’s leading providers of products made from local natural stone.

Photo credit: Komatsu
Schlüter’s Sales Manager Marcus Schneider officially cleared the wheel loader for use with the traditional key handover to Quarry Manager Stefan Sauer.

Komatsu WA600-8 “Stone Handler” – Robust, powerful and efficient

The Komatsu WA600-8 “Stone Handler” is the latest machine delivered at Arthur Scheuermann GmbH. It will be used to break shell limestone blocks out of the rock and to then transport them to the quarry. Six other Komatsu machines, including wheel loaders, excavators, and a dump truck, complete the fleet.

A robust machine that guarantees high efficiency is required to excavate, handle, and transport the shell limestone blocks. With the Komatsu WA600-8 “Stone Handler”, Arthur Scheuermann GmbH has chosen the right machine, as this wheel loader is well known for its outstandingly resistant design. It also has a long service life under demanding conditions.

Photo credit: Komatsu
Stone block handling requires robust machinery to ensure efficiency of the operation.

Thanks to the transport fork designed especially for stone block transport, the machine is well equipped for the special requirements in the quarry. The modified hydraulic system enables heavy loads to be lifted. Reinforced axles with axle oil cooling, lifting and tilting cylinders with large diameters, brake oil cooling and an additional counterweight increase the machine's resistance. Furtermore, the front and rear frames were reinforced significantly using thick steel sheets and robust welded joints, to adapt the wheel loader to the harsh conditions in the quarry.

Martin Scheuermann, Managing Director at Arthur Scheuermann GmbH, is impressed by the new Komatsu WA600-8 “Stone Handler”: “It lifts like a buffalo!”

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